How to Incorporate Your Travels Into Your Home

Whether it’s within your own country or abroad, travelling can prove to be a fun and exciting endeavour, but how do you bring that excitement home with you? You might find that you are at your happiest when visiting foreign countries with different cultures and interior design styles, and you might even feel inspired to integrate them into your home. Every country has its own personal elements inspired by centuries of tradition and culture; ones which you can choose from to transform your living space.

Travelling has a wide range of benefits for your health, including relieving stress, enhancing your creativity, boosting happiness and satisfaction, and lowering your stress levels and consequently your blood pressure. Further, if you plan several holidays a year to new and exciting locations that make you much happier and relaxed, it’s only natural that you return home wishing to bring a piece of those countries with you.

Roccia understands how to help you to get the most out of your home, including incorporating your travels into your interior design. Here are several easy ways that this can be achieved:

Keep an Eye Out While Travelling

A good way of ensuring that what you pick up during your travels will fit your home is to take photos of your rooms and bring them with you. Whether you print them or simply keep them in a digital format, they will help you to decide if a decorative item will fit nicely with your décor. You can also have your room dimensions written down, which may seem like a time-consuming task at first, but it will ensure that you don’t purchase larger items that won’t fit in your rooms. You can easily add this data to your smartphone, which only needs doing once, and view it while you travel.

While making a decision to purchase an item, think about your aesthetic and style, and not your vacation lifestyle. Knowing with certainty what your preferences are before you travel will help you to be selective and come back with the perfect purchases.

Integrating Souvenirs

Countries often have a plethora of souvenirs you can choose from, from carvings, to paintings and weavings. Smaller items can be placed in rooms, while paintings can be standalone pieces with a focal point that allows you to showcase your travels. You can work them into your current interior design or create your own travel theme.

Taking photos of places such as the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, and the Louvre may seem like typical tourist photos, but you should frame them and integrate them into your home. Having a gallery of your favourite ones on the wall will create an original album of your travels. From smaller to bigger frames in the same style, photos can be displayed to add meaning and sentimentality to your interior design.


Having a Cohesive Theme or Integrate Several Ideas

Should you fall in love with a particular country and wish to replicate the interior design in your own home, planning appropriately will ensure that you can seamlessly create a style that is inspired by what you love. Having a cohesive theme might make it easier for you to find decorative items to display in your home. Being inspired by a specific region within a country might spurn you to research a few simple items of décor that you can place in your home and build around it.

Alternatively, don’t be afraid to mix and match several styles from different trips, and even incorporate them with your existing décor. Finding a stunning, handmade table from Morocco and finding it a place within your living room can be the starting point for diversity and visual interest within your home.

Photo: Lignum Porcelain Wall Tiles


Add Colour in Your Theme

In addition to having meaningful souvenirs on display, infusing your living space with deep and rich colours can provide the décor with a powerful look. A bold colour for a wall can provide a lot of impact in an inexpensive yet simple way. It also offers a feel for the country without being too traditional with your decorations.

Different countries and regions typically have colours that are utilised and preferred above others, such as blue and white for Greece. A tropical location, for example, may utilise bolder pastels and patterns or ocean-themed colours such as blues and whites. Whether the accent colour, the paint, through wood effect tiles, or fabric, you can create a nature-inspired feel.

Transforming Your Living Space

Building an entire room dedicated to a specific location or transforming your home can truly give you a haven with inspiration from the country you love the most. Having your interior designed based on an ancient Asian style doesn’t necessarily imply that you need to procure expensive decorations and items. Our porcelain bathroom tiles can be utilised in other areas of the home to infuse them with a fresh look. Our Kilim range was inspired by ancient Asian carpets with a minimalistic and urban feel, making them ideal for contemporary use.

Some porcelain wall tiles can add a rustic feel reminiscent of countries with a similar building style. The brown and beige colours add a soft but strong colour that contrasts beautifully with bolder accents. Whether you use these tiles as a backdrop for dark-coloured souvenirs or furniture, you can highlight your chosen décor easily. These tiles can be purchased in a plain or décor style, the latter providing nature-centred motifs such as leaves.

Our Timber wall tiles are a spectacular option for a retro or country-inspired look. Providing a minimalist but bold statement, these wall tiles are easily mixed and matched with other tiles in our collections, giving your home a touch of worn and used wood with the longevity that porcelain offers. As it has excellent frost and ice resistance, you can also utilise them outdoors with non-slip finishes.

Regardless of which country’s style you love the most, here at Roccia we can help you to find bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles for your home. You can easily incorporate a few of our tile ranges into a cohesive style; one which we are more than happy to help you find and design.

Get in touch with our expert team to know more about our products and our tile ranges.

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