Innovative Bathroom Technology: What’s Trending?

At Roccia, we understand that our customers aren’t just seeking beautiful tiles and stylish fixtures for their bathroom renovations; they’re looking for a truly transformative experience that combines luxury, innovation, and functionality. That’s why, today, we’re excited to present the latest trends in bathroom technology.

We’re exploring the fascinating world of innovative bathroom technology and why homeowners like yourself are increasingly embracing these advancements. So, whether you’re passionate about watching your favourite shows while getting ready for the day, relaxing in a high-tech shower or bath, or making your bathroom more sustainable, we’ve got you covered.

Integrating Your Bathroom with Your Smart Home

The idea of a smart home, where technology seamlessly integrates into everyday life, has captivated homeowners worldwide. People are discovering the immense benefits of automating and controlling their homes through smart devices. With the bathroom being one of the most frequently used spaces in any home, it’s only natural it has become a focal point for innovation. Upgrading your bathroom with smart technology means you can expect heightened convenience, improved energy efficiency, and enhanced security.

novus underfloor heating

Imagine waking up to a perfectly warm bathroom every morning, thanks to a smart thermostat that syncs with your Novus Underfloor Heating with your wake-up time. This smart technology can transform your bathroom experience, making it even more personalised and tailored to your preferences. And, when you choose Novus as your go-to brand for underfloor heating, you’re choosing quality, energy efficiency, and reduced energy costs; what more could you ask for?

Smart Showers and Baths

One of the most exciting innovations in bathroom technology is smart showers and baths. These cutting-edge fixtures not only offer luxurious bathing experiences but also provide a host of customisable features and eco-friendly options. With many smart showers and baths, you can easily program your exact water temperature, water flow rate, and even save your preferences for future use.

stunning shower and sink area with large LED round mirror

These smart fixtures also contribute to water conservation, as they can be programmed to automatically regulate water flow, which helps to protect the environment and leads to significant water and energy savings over time. Many of our luxury bathroom brands have embraced technology, offering a range of features that combine style, functionality, and sustainability. To see the difference this sleek addition to your bathroom can make, visit our bathroom showroom, where our experts can talk you through the latest tech in person.

Watch TV in the Tub

Haven’t we all wished we could catch up on our favourite TV shows or movies while relaxing in the tub? With the integration of televisions in the bathroom, this luxury is now within reach. By incorporating a waterproof and fog-resistant TV into your bathroom, you can elevate your self-care routine to a whole new level of indulgence. A bathroom television provides the ultimate entertainment experience that is certain to transform your home into a luxurious five-star retreat.

Touchless Fixtures and Fittings

The importance of hygiene and cleanliness is evident, but it’s even more important in the bathroom, which is where touchless fixtures and fittings come into play. Designed to minimise the need for physical contact, these innovative bathroom additions provide a higher level of hygiene and convenience.

gessi gold sink and tap

For example, Gessi offers touch-free taps that prioritise both hygiene and aesthetics. With their sensor technology, these taps eliminate the need for physical contact, ensuring a clean and pristine appearance. This smart technology automatically turns the water flow on or off when hands approach the spout, reducing water consumption. In addition, not only do these touchless fixtures enhance hygiene, but they also add a modern and sleek aesthetic to any bathroom. Available in various elegant finishes, they allow users to choose their desired style and incorporate them into their space with ease.

Sustainable Bathroom Technology

In an era where sustainability is at the forefront of our minds, it’s crucial to consider eco-friendly options for bathroom renovations. Sustainable bathroom technology offers the perfect solution for creating an eco-trendy space, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint without compromising on style or functionality.

For example, water efficiency is a key factor in sustainable bathroom technology. Features like low-flow faucets and toilets, as well as smart water management systems, help to conserve water without sacrificing performance. Also, choosing materials and products made from recycled or natural materials further contributes to a greener bathroom. At Roccia, we offer a range of eco-conscious bathroom products and a wide range of bathroom tiles, known for being durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain, making them an excellent sustainable choice for your floors and walls.

Roccia's bathroom sink and mirror display in their bathroom showroom

Innovation is a driving force in the world of bathroom design, and we’re thrilled to bring you the latest trends in bathroom technology. As experts in the industry, we’re passionate about providing exceptional customer service and a comprehensive range of top-tier brands that embody innovation, luxury, and sustainability.

Visit our bathroom showroom in Preston or Bolton and let our knowledgeable team guide you through the exciting world of innovative bathroom technology. Alternatively, please enquire online for a FREE consultation with our award-winning team.

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