Creating an Eco-Trendy Space

In this day and age, people are a lot more environmentally concerned and choose products based on this. Furthermore, long gone are the days of sustainable products not quite looking the part, as eco-conscious design now often goes hand-in-hand with stylish interiors.

We love the way fresh and natural materials look in our homes, especially our wood effect tiles, which can present many benefits. They aren’t just a great way to achieve a super-trendy look, but they are durable, sustainable and an environmentally friendly option.

When you combine a trendy décor with an eco-conscious interior, you get what we like to call an eco-trendy space, and it’s fair to say… an interior design trend has never been so sophisticated, especially when you include wood floor tiles.

But how do you achieve a super eco-trendy space?

Keep it Green

Bringing nature indoors through plants and flowers is the perfect way to create a chic, open and fresh space. It doesn’t just provide you with a refreshing and healthy atmosphere (plants absorb indoor air pollution and increase oxygen flow) but they also bring a splash of colour and vibrancy into any space. There is always a plant to suit your space and your interior design preferences.

Vertical gardens and indoor farms are even becoming a rising eco-trend! It’s also becoming a popular trend in workplaces. Studies have shown that exposing employees to nature can increase their efficiency by up to 15%. Facebook are even doing it!


Plenty of Light

Light is key to making a great eco-trendy theme work. Alongside your plants and clean colour scheme, make sure that you allow the light to come flooding in. You can do this by using plenty of open shades and skylights; think natural light, not lamps and ceiling lights. If your windows face south, you can get plenty of natural sunlight.

If you don’t have the amount of light that you would like, opt for energy efficient lighting. Using compact fluorescent lighting can not only help save energy but it can also prevent greenhouse gas emissions which can be harmful to your health and the environment.

Look out for those labels which show energy efficiency.


Wooden Flooring

Using wood effect tiles or wooden tiles in your interior design can not only present you with an on-trend look but they are also great for being eco-friendly and practical.

Wooden tiles and flooring never goes out of style and can even add more appeal to a home’s interior, especially as they’re easy to clean and maintain. It’s fair to say that a wooden aesthetic goes with just about everything, and with the range of wooden flooring you can purchase, any room can benefit; from the bathroom to the garden!

Contrary to the previous emergence of plastic laminated flooring, many designers and home owners are now choosing a wood effect tile option for a more luxe and realistic aesthetic. Striving to sustain natural formations, these tiles are the perfect option for anyone who wants the perfect eco-trendy space.

Don’t forget that wood doesn’t need to stay on the floor. Think about walls and ceilings too – this can create a quirky and stylish feature.



Upcycling has been at the forefront of designs and home interiors for a while now and is even more popular than ever. Designers and homeowners are taking an eco-conscious leap and repurposing items in their home to create an industrial-chic look, which certainly makes for statement pieces.

Anything from rustic car parts becoming coffee tables, to wooden pallets becoming your bed headboard; the possibilities are endless.

Combine these upcycled aspects with your wooden tiles, plenty of greenery and light and you’ve got yourself a stylish and classic eco-trendy themed interior.

If you are ready to take a step into becoming an eco-friendly home or business, the team here at Roccia can help. Simply get in touch today to find out more about our wide variety of wood effect tiles that are just waiting to help you achieve an ‘eco-trendy’ space.

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