Inspiration for Your Kitchen Backsplash

Often described as the heart of the home, your kitchen is the room that sees some of the most traffic and the most stains. With the right backsplash choice, you can ensure your kitchen gets the proper protection it needs.

When it comes to redesigning or creating your dream kitchen, making the correct choice for the backsplash can either spoil or make your new kitchen look incredible. This blog will help you make the right decision for your desired kitchen needs.

We’ll also explore how Roccia can help you achieve this with our incredible selection of luxury kitchen tiles.


What is the Purpose of a Backsplash?

The most imperative job of the backsplash is to protect the walls from water damage, grease damage, or general kitchen messes. Maintenance issues could build up, and repair costs could be through the roof without the proper backsplash in your kitchen. They are most commonly visible behind the sink and the hob areas within a kitchen. However, individuals have recently chosen to make a backsplash feature by running it around the complete worktop. Tiles provide a perfect splashback for a kitchen.


Functional Tile Materials that Work Best For a Kitchen

The most universally used tiles for a backsplash are Porceline or Ceramic. Their vitreous design makes these the most suitable material with an easy wipe-down ability. Toughened glass is another material that makes an incredible statement within kitchens. It allows personality and custom designs to feature while allowing you to stick to a tight budget. Whichever material you decide to go for, make sure it fits in with your kitchen needs and design plans.


Dark marble backsplash in a grand kitchen


How to Choose a Colour for Your Kitchen Backsplash

When it comes to colour, choosing a tile is a personal choice. You could go with your backsplash in many different directions, varying with colours and design depending on your unique home aesthetic. Taking the size of the room into consideration can also help you with your colour choice of kitchen tiles.

A small kitchen with low natural light may convince you to move towards lighter colours such as creams, whites, and beige. However, don’t let this conventional colour use deter you from deciding on a bolder colour; instead, you could change the finish. A glossy or metallic finish will help reflect the light around the room, opening up the space and giving that sense of airiness and allowing you to be a bit braver with colours. We have an array of metallic effect tiles for you to peruse if this sounds like something your kitchen backsplash could benefit from.

Have the confidence to feel daring with unique colour palettes. If a statement is what the kitchen is looking for, bright and bold colours will do this perfectly. Contrasting the colours will help give that modern and sleek design, which is a very stylish choice.

Alternatively, the backsplash could be the right opportunity to tie in all the shades and colours of the kitchen. Using our marble effect kitchen tiles can help provide elegant and graceful surroundings.

Black and white patterned tile backsplash


Plain or Patterned Tiles?

Again this is all down to personality and design goals in mind. If a traditional statement is something you would find appealing within your home, choose one of our Element Victorian Tiles to give your kitchen that classically timeless look.

If you are looking for a countryside-meets-modern living, a popular trend at the moment, then a glassy white brick effect would be the perfect addition to your kitchen. Take a look at our Biselado Collection, which gives a sleek and modern character to a plain tile.

Although the backsplash is designed for protecting your kitchen, it also takes less heavy-duty traffic from your kitchen use. This allows for creativity when it comes to plain or patterned; some may even opt for textured elements to their tiles to feature within their kitchen.


Should You Install A Backsplash Around Your Whole Kitchen or Just a Section?

The most popular style choice is to tile the entire surface of the wall above the countertops. First of all, it is practical to keep a busy kitchen clean. No matter which you decide, tiles are very durable and allow you to use all cleaning products on them, making tiling the whole wall an excellent choice.


Patterned kitchen backsplash


Another reason to tile the entire wall is the aesthetics of the style. Tiling a whole wall can give your dream kitchen the stylish and dynamic quality our kitchen wall tiles can provide.

Suppose tiling your full kitchen is not reasonably feasible. There is always the option of tiling the individual sections to provide protection and a modern design to your space.

Our kitchen showroom is open seven days a week, so if you are looking for inspiration or expert advice, enquire today about your FREE kitchen design consultation, and we can help build the kitchen of your dreams with our luxury kitchen brands.

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