Make an Entrance With the Perfect Hallway Floor Tiles

The entranceway to your home is one of the most important features; it is the first space guests will see when they visit, and it can, with the right design, present a lasting impression. The floor within your entrance hallway can make a bold statement, or it can complement the visual aesthetics of the room and blend in effortlessly. The hallway is one of the most overlooked spaces in the house and yet one of the most used; give it an elegant revamp with our sophisticated and luxury tiles.


Why Choose Tiles for Floors?

Tiles are known for their durability and are easy to keep clean and maintain. With an entrance being host to most of the traffic within a home, it is ideal to have a floor that can stand the test of time. Carpets can have a short life span and take a lot of maintenance to keep looking well, as does solid wood flooring. At Roccia, we pride ourselves on an impressive range of luxury and high-quality floor tiles, with a design to suit every taste.


Make Your Mark with Mosaic

When it comes to decorating, making a bold personal mark or striking design statement often reduces a property’s value. However, mosaics accomplish quite the opposite. Installing mosaic flooring can actually increase the property’s value due to the artistic and detailed designs. They can provide the focal point and statement piece within your entranceway and set the tone for the rest of the home. Whether you are looking for that Victorian-style townhouse effect or emphasising the contemporary feel of your home, a mosaic tile will ensure that is achieved. Using a mosaic tile will have your entrance standing out from the crowd.


Elegant and grand hallway with Versace floor tiles


Give Your Entrance A Spacious Feel

With our large format floor tiles, what was once an opening that felt claustrophobic and cluttered, can be turned into an airy and bright welcome into your home. Using these beautiful tiles can give the impression that the entranceway to a property is one of grandeur and space. Minimising grout lines gives the illusion of openness within a smaller entrance. Whilst choosing the tile size is essential, choosing a tile colour will also help. Lighter colours such as cream, whites, and beiges will reflect the natural light more, emphasising the space.


Set Your Home Welcome

As mentioned, the entranceway to your home is the first room any guest will see; using this room well allows the ability to set the tone of the rest of the décor and what a better place to start than with the right flooring. If a modern take on the chic industrial theme is your preference, then picking one of our concrete effect floor tiles can highlight this characteristic favourably. Or perhaps there is a traditional look throughout your property, then opting for our Victorian Floor Tiles will suit your style perfectly. Whatever your choice of décor is, speak with our experts to find the right tile for you and your home.


Beautiful large, open plan entranceway with large format tiles


Elongating a Narrow Entranceway

Elongating a narrow hallway is an exquisite style choice and can be done using patterned tile flooring, contrasting with a natural colour palette for the walls. This design would inspire a sense of curiosity and exploration for guests with a never-ending hallway—ideal for terraced houses or those with a long corridor that deserves to be showcased.


How to Tile Your Entranceway

Tiling your entranceway is a big commitment; unlike other choices you can make with decoration, tiling can take a lot of time to replace, so getting it right the first time is essential. Our team of experts are here to help you through this decision, and we have our tile showroom in Preston and Bolton for you to come and browse at your leisure.

Of course, once you have chosen your ideal tile, the next question is grout. The grout colour and style choice can either make your tiles stand out or have them blend in naturally. For example, with patterned tiles or large format tiles, you would ideally want the grout practically invisible, whereas, with concrete effect tiles, you can afford a bit more boldness.

Laying the tiles once you have decided on your design can be a relatively simple process and if you would like more information on this, check out our blog How to Lay Tiles.

If you have any further questions about our range of tiles, the best fit for you, or anything else, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or pop in today.

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