Inspired by Nature Home Decor

Nature is a wonderful place to seek inspiration for your interior design; it is where you will find the most beautiful colours and textures. Rooms inspired by nature are perfect for creating a truly relaxing ambience and this is something that every home needs, the decision on which room you want this to be is completely up to you! Here at Tile Mart we absolutely adore the natural style and we’re going to reveal why by highlighting our favourite tiles with a natural aesthetic.

Gorgeous Textures


The variety of textures is what makes the natural trend so wonderful; it adds another element to your interior making it exceptionally exciting. A great place to look for tiles with divine natural textures is our range of porcelain floor tiles here you will find truly unique tiles that channel the essence of the outdoors inside. Porcelain is incredibly durable and truly stunning, it is one of the most popular tiles and it really isn’t hard to see why; they can suit any style – especially the natural one. If you desire a charming home with a rustic aesthetic the Quartzite Green Natural tile is the best choice for you.

Natural Tones

Tiles that are representative of wood are becoming increasingly popular; they look beautiful, soft and welcoming yet don’t require all the maintenance that actual wooden floors need. For a rich, indulgent and highly classy look choose Brownsand tiles, again from our fabulous range of porcelain tiles. Combine with woods of similar qualities; these tiles look excellent in the bedroom, living room and, of course, the kitchen.


If you desire a home that promotes the perfect ambience for relaxation then choose natural home decor. We offer a fantastic range of tiles that are perfect for bringing the beauty of outdoors indoors.

Not found what you’re looking for here? Don’t worry, just take a browse through our extensive range of tiles and find the optimum tiles for your home. We cater towards all styles so you are certain to find the tiles that suit you!

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