The three main looks for your kitchen

When you come to updating or redecorating your kitchen it is easy to become bamboozled with the sheer range of products available. From the paint to the tiles there really are millions of options out there, this can make it incredibly hard to choose or lead to you having a kitchen that looks confused.

Though there are thousands of more niche, closer defined styles there have always been the basic 3 that all kitchens can be separated into and knowing these will really help you to get that amazing kitchen you want. Here at Tile mart we are committed to making it easier for you to get the kitchen that you want and have put together this great little guide to help make it simpler to chose the perfect style for your kitchen.

Bright and bold

The first style is one that is not for the faint hearted, bright and bold kitchens are known for sticking out and making a statement about your taste in design. Colours such as orange, yellow and green are sure signals that a kitchen fits this category. Tiles such as these mirrored salalah lime ones are perfect for anyone that wants their kitchen to be a beacon of bright citrusy light that will brighten any home.

lime green kitchen

Clean and natural

Bright and bold not floating your boat? Worry not, the perfect antidote to that is to go for a clean and natural kitchen! The colour palettes involved in these tend toward softer colours such as different shades of stone and beige as well as white. Tiles such as our travertine floor tiles will create the perfect atmosphere in your kitchen and will make it feel warm and inviting for guests. This style of kitchen is perfect for an open plan layout as it will flow into other rooms easily and will create a calm and relaxed kitchen atmosphere.

travertine beige kitchen

Deep and dark

A dark colour scheme is really limited to those with large kitchens as it can make smaller kitchens seemingly diminish in size. Choosing such touches as our natural slate floor tiles will give you a very warm and welcoming feeling that is perfect for making a large space more personal. One of the main ways in which people achieve a deeper, bolder colour scheme is by using woods such as stained oak and mahogany to give a warm homely feel.

dark kitchen

So if you are looking to renovate your kitchen but cannot put your finger on the exact style that you are after, remember that every kitchen scheme in the world can be fitted into these three easy categories. Starting with the basic step of deciding which category you want your kitchen to fall into when finished is the first step to getting it perfect. If you have any queries on getting the perfect products for your kitchen then do not hesitate to contact us today and our experienced and helpful staff will be happy to help.

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