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As another year begins, so does the search for the next big interior design trend. Throughout the last few years, we have seen trends come and go, with only a select few standing the test of time. 2019 is sure to bring about some new trends that will be used in homes throughout the UK for years to come, and it’s fair to say that this year is all about being big and bold when it comes to newly decorating your home.

In this article, we take a look at the interior design trends we saw throughout 2018 and also give you our predictions on what will be hot in 2019.

Looking Back on 2018

Last year, we put together a brochure on interior design trends for 2018 with the help of some interior design bloggers. From the research we conducted, we found that the top 4 trends of 2018 would be brass, jewel tones, statement art and dark wood. It’s fair to say that the bloggers we consulted with were on the money when it came to the most popular trends of 2018, as all four of the trends they vouched for were in widespread use throughout the year.

Of the four interior design trends that set 2018 alight, we’d suggest that only two of those look set to stick around in 2019, with brass and dark wood seemingly on their way out of favour. The emphasis for designers this year will be on more vibrant, colourful designs which can bring warmth and character to the home.

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Upcoming Interior Design Trends

While some of last year’s interior design trends will stick around in 2019, there are some newcomers which you should certainly keep your eye on. Here are the top three interior design trends you can expect to see in 2019:

Floral Fabrics

You could be forgiven for thinking that floral fabrics are a thing of the past, but this particular trend looks set for a resurgence and will be one of the top interior design trends of 2019. As homeowners are looking to instil a more cosy, homely feeling into their property, floral fabrics offer the perfect solution.

There is something comforting about the kind of floral fabrics you were used to seeing in your grandparents’ house all those years ago. So, incorporating the vibrant and colourful tones of those same styles into your own home can help to ensure you’re completely on trend this year.

Rich Jewel Tones

After enjoying plenty of success in 2018, rich jewel tones are set to continue their prominence in the interior design world. The use of these bold colours were mainly used to offset the darker and grey tones used in homes last year. In 2019, you can expect to see much of the same from rich jewel tones, mainly being used as a focal point for a room thanks to their dazzling colour.

However, we do expect homeowners to start using rich jewel tones more sparingly this year; this is mainly due to many interior designers opting to utilise more colourful, lighter shades throughout the home, rather than the darker tones used last year. Experts are rightly predicting that the use of rich jewel tones in homes that are using more colourful tones would be slightly over the top, and only suitable for homeowners who are looking to be more eccentric this year.

Statement Tiles

One interior design trend that looks set to burst onto the scene in 2019 is the use of ‘statement tiles’. Following a period where many homeowners opted for more neutral and grey tones, it appears that interior designers are now heading in the completely opposite direction with this year’s popular trends. Rather than opting to play it safe with your colour palette, 2019’s trends are telling you to go big or go home, even when it comes to tiles.

Statement tiles are set to be all the rage, and when it comes to decorating your home, you should definitely try to incorporate some bright and bold tiles into your interior design. The aim of this particular trend is to grab the attention of anyone who visits your home right away.

Thankfully, we have a range of glitter tiles that are the perfect answer to your statement tile needs. Serving as the focal point of any room you install them into, these tiles provide your home with a genuine spark of creativity, which is sure to get your guests talking about and envying your home’s new style.

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Here at Roccia, we are proud to offer a wide range of tiles to fit in with the very latest trends. If you’re interested in viewing our extensive catalogue of products, please feel free to visit our tile showroom in Preston or tile showroom in Bolton, and a friendly member of our team will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have.

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