Kitchen Design Trend Predictions for 2023

Here at Roccia, we love to stay ahead of the curve and make design trend predictions for the upcoming year. It helps us stay on top of trends and allows us to provide our incredible clients, new and old, with the latest and greatest available on the market.

When it’s time to renovate your kitchen, looking into these predicted style trends is an excellent idea because it ensures your space will look fresh and modern. If you opt for designs that are already popular or were perhaps in style a couple of years ago, you risk having a dated-looking kitchen in a matter of months.

So, we’d like to introduce our kitchen design predictions today to enable you to use them for inspiration when it comes to remodelling your kitchen this year.

Coloured Islands

The first predicted trend on our list is coloured kitchen islands. Offering a striking accent in your space, this is a dramatic style choice that isn’t for the faint-hearted. Most people choose their kitchen islands in a neutral design, matching the aesthetics and style of the kitchen cabinets. A common trend is with wood or marble, but this contrasting alternative is for those wanting their space to be a little more unique.

Our Cesar kitchens offer a great example, particularly the Cesar UNIT kitchens. Their bold pink islands push style boundaries and promote ergonomics by remaining highly functional.

Cesar UNIT kitchen with bold pink island

Additionally, you can achieve this look with wall tiles to give your current island a new lease of life. However you choose to create this trend in your home, know that a brightly coloured kitchen island will inject life into the room and offer a funky alternative to the norm.

Clever Storage Solutions

Kitchen storage isn’t a new trend, but the way we store is changing, and in 2023 we believe this is an area of kitchen design that will go from strength to strength over the next 12 months. This year, we think that in terms of clever storage solutions, we should expect hidden elements to be at the forefront of designs. For example, pantries that are disguised as ordinary cabinets, such as this example of Jacob and Sons.

Stunning classic English hidden pantry by Jacob and Sons

This example perfectly defines the storage trend as it is all about keeping kitchen elements hidden until they are needed. However, this doesn’t mean you will need to remodel your kitchen to get involved with this innovative smart feature. All you need to do is keep your worktops clear and find clever storage solutions for appliances and other items that don’t need to be on show until they’re needed.


Metallics have been in kitchens for decades in the form of fridges, freezers, microwaves, and other appliances. However, we predict that metallics will find their way into other areas of kitchen design and become a staple in homes this year.

There are plenty of ways to get on board with this design trend. For example, we have a plethora of different metallic effect wall tiles that can be used to tile your entire room, one feature wall, or as the perfect splashback accent. These tiles add shimmer and sparkle to your room and help to bounce light around the space, providing you with a brighter kitchen while giving it the WOW factor in terms of style. These features are perfect for modest kitchens and offer a stunning addition to larger spaces.


Wooden kitchen features have come in and out of fashion for as long as we can remember, so it’s no surprise that it has made our list of predicted trends for 2023. However, the way we use wood in our kitchens is changing. Instead of it just being a standard cabinet material, we are looking into using it in more aesthetic design choices, such as for feature walls.

Wood effect tiles are perfect for this trend, as they encapsulate the feeling real wood offers, such as an injection of natural elements, but in a more manageable material. Ideal for kitchens, tiles provide a long list of benefits, such as easy maintenance, longevity, and a stunning finish, features that wood just cannot compete with.

Smart technology in a domestic kitchen

Smart Technology

Of course, as the digital world evolves, we expect to see many improvements in kitchen technology this year. For example, although boiling taps are found in many high-end kitchen designs, we predict that they will become much more of a staple in homes across the country. Not only are they incredibly innovative and a handy addition to any kitchen, they fit in seamlessly with any kitchen space as they appear as a standard tap, but they provide boiling water when required. These taps can reduce the countertop clutter, eliminating the need for a kettle.

In addition, you can get on board with this trend by implementing smart technology into your kitchen. For example, smart kettles, toasters, air fryers, and almost any other kitchen appliance you can think of have had a smart upgrade in recent years.

Although every trend won’t be for everyone, we’re confident you will have found some inspiration in our kitchen design predictions that will allow you to get started on your kitchen renovation bursting with ideas.

As always, if you’re struggling with where to start, our award-winning kitchen design team are here to help. Please enquire online today or visit our kitchen showroom in Preston to speak to us.

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