Kitchen Hacks from the Experts (Part 1)

We recently started a series that looked at some brilliant hacks for the bathroom – tips that will hopefully make daily tasks a lot easier. This included looking at things such as preventing the bathroom mirror from fogging up (always a nightmare), getting creases out of clothes without having to use the iron, and keeping the bathroom sink hair free!

We enjoyed sharing these hacks so much; we thought we would do the same for a different room in the house. Since we also specialise in kitchen tiles here at Roccia, we thought it would be fun (and helpful) to share some of our favourite kitchen hacks! Enjoy!

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Keep the Mould off your Sponge

There is nothing more frustrating than buying a new sponge, using it once and then it growing mould and mildew overnight. There is no reason why your sponge can’t last you a long time – you just need to look after it better when it’s been used. After using a sponge to scrub your dirty countertops, don’t be tempted to just run it under water and let it dry. This is how you end up with a mould covered sponge! Instead you should place the sponge upright, using a simple clip, so that it can air dry without sitting in water.

Freeze Your Cheese

Did you know that you can actually freeze your cheese? A lot of people choose to throw cheese away every day, due to the fact that they are scared that it will mould if left in the fridge for too long. Not only is this a waste of food (and darn good cheese), it’s also completely unnecessary. After using, put your leftovers back into the original package, wrap them tightly in some plastic and then place into your freezer!

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Prevent Nasty Sink Clogs

Just like with hair in the bathroom sink, it’s extremely easy for clogs to appear in your kitchen sink. This can be a real nightmare as you rely on this sink for a lot of things during the day – where are you going to wash the dirty pots? Don’t worry – it’s easily prevented. All you need to do is regularly pour boiling water down the drain – this will stop a build up of products on the surface of the pipers. You can also pour baking soda down the drain before using the water – it’s a fantastic cleaning agent.

Just like with the bathroom hacks, we have so much more to share, so please keep checking back for more kitchen life hacks!

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