Kitchen Tile Trends for 2021

The perfect kitchen should be useful, unique and most importantly, a place for the family to come together. At Roccia, we’ve got a complete collection of stunning kitchen tiles for you to choose from at our kitchen showroom in Preston.

We work with the highest-quality materials and products from the world’s leading luxury kitchen brands to bring you the best range of options for your home.

Our award-winning designers are specialists and can help you to choose units, tiles and the most effective storage solutions for your kitchen.

In this blog, we’ll tell you all about the leading tile trends for your kitchen in 2021.

Introduce Aspects of Biophilia

Biophilia is defined as “an innate affinity with life or living systems”. Modern kitchen design is steering away from traditional ceramic tiles and is now taking inspiration from wellness design, outdoor environments and nature. This growing biophilia trend incorporates natural materials, like our stone effect kitchen tiles or wood effect kitchen tiles.

To incorporate natural beauty into your home, you can open your indoor areas outside by seamlessly linking rooms with tiles. Natural tones and rustic effect tiles are perfect for creating a harmonious indoor-outdoor vibe.

The Cross Wood collection comes in various tones, including ebony, cinder, dust, bone and buff. The wood fibres alternate and blend so that you can create unique compositions and colour contrasts with each piece.

cross wood tiles

Oversized Floor Tiles

Kitchen floor tiles have become an extremely popular part of modern interior design, thanks to the vast range of shapes, sizes and styles they are available in.

Modern-day architecture favours large-format tiles due to their provision of open plan living. Large tiles create the illusion of space and give your kitchen a contemporary feel. We have a great range of super-size tiles that are suitable for domestic or commercial kitchens with high foot traffic.

Our porcelain tiles offer a low maintenance solution with water-resistant and non-slip properties. Fitting large areas of space with super-size porcelain tiles can present a seamless and contemporary look for floors, walls or even both; with a thickness of just 6mm, many walls will be strong enough to hold sizes of up to 160x320cm.

There are many benefits to choosing oversized floor tiles. They create a continuity effect, offer a wide variety of uses, reduce installation time and are more hygienic — with fewer grout lines and areas to store dirt.

Our popular Muse tiles combine the aesthetic qualities of stone and marble giving you a new well-worn surface finish called ‘patinated’ that complements the ‘open grain’ decoration — these terms refer to surfaces where it looks as if the grain has been cut from a single stone block, creating spectacular natural geometrical patterns.

muse tiles

Kitchen Tiles for Splashbacks

A common trend for kitchen tiles is to create a striking feature with a splashback. While splashbacks are characteristic of many traditional and modern-day kitchens, here at Roccia, we like to offer our customers something really unique.

Many of our tiles can be used to design a durable and truly stunning feature in your kitchen. In particular, Victorian tiles can add personality and timeless design to your kitchen. Our Element tiles (pictured below) are available in a range of patterns, including lily, arabesque, flower and baroque. The hard-wearing properties of these tiles make them practical for areas where fat, oil and grease may splash.

By choosing a high gloss or light splashback, you can maximise the natural light within your kitchen and create a sense of space. Implementing textures and patterns are also great ways of creating a modern contemporary look. Come and see for yourself, we have a comprehensive range of textures and finishes on offer at our tile showroom in Preston.


Intricate Tile Layouts

By laying your floor, wall and splashback tiles in a variety of colours, patterns and formations, you can create a truly unique aesthetic.

Classic square tiles will always be fashionable, however, modern kitchen design combines various textures and arrangements, including staggered tiles and simple linear positioning.

Minimalist approaches are on-trend and many people are now embracing ‘less is more’ which definitely brings a calming atmosphere to even the busiest rooms in your home.

Some of the top tile patterns for 2021 include herringbone, linear, hexagon, modular, basket weave and brick bond.

These Crossroad wood effect tiles perfectly complement the glossy splashback which has been created using staggered reflective tiles to improve the natural light in the space.


At Roccia, we have a fantastic selection of tiles that can help to transform your home. We’d love to welcome you into our kitchen showroom in Preston where you can speak to one of our experts about your ideas.

Pop in and see us or arrange your appointment today with one of our award-winning designers by calling 01772 258998. You can also get in touch using our online enquiry form.

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