Keeping your Outdoor Tiles in Top Condition

There are plenty of benefits to maintaining your outdoor tiles all year round, mainly so you can enjoy those summer days on a lovely clean patio.

Keeping up with the maintenance of your patio is important for many reasons. Over time your outdoor tiles can start to show signs of weathering from snow, heavy rainfall, sunshine and general wear and tear. 

When tiles are left to suffer in the natural elements such as leaf build-up or overgrown moss, they can become not only an eyesore in your garden but can pose as a dangerous slipping hazard. 

In this blog, we’ll share our top tips on cleaning your existing patio, as well as tell you the benefits of purchasing brand-new outdoor tiles from our tile showroom in Preston.

Cleaning Tips and Tricks for your Patio

Before you start to clean your tiles, you should prepare the area correctly. This includes sweeping away any leaves, dirt, stones or twigs. We would also suggest removing any moss or weed growth for the best results.

outdoor tiles patio cleaning

When preparing to clean your outdoor tiles, you will need the following essential equipment: a broom, stiff-bristled brush, bucket, rubber gloves, and quality tile cleaning product (half a tablespoon of dish soap and half a cup of vinegar will also do the trick).

Firstly, fill your bucket with your cleaning solution or warm soapy water mix. Next, pour the bucket contents onto the patio area, then begin to work the liquid across the tiles with your broom. A stiff-bristled brush will help you to remove stubborn grime or dirt — ensure to use a non-scratch brush or pad.

Once you have removed the initial dirt from the area, you should rinse away the water with a hose or low-powered jet washer. Never exert high pressure onto your tiles as this can cause grout issues or cracks in the worst-case scenario.

We would recommend leaving your patio overnight then checking again in the morning for any missed areas that require extra scrubbing.

While many people will recommend bleach for cleaning, you should consider that the alkaline properties of this domestic cleaning product can cause damage to soft stone, plants and wildlife. There are plenty of environmentally friendly cleaning products on the market for those who are conscious.

Cleaning Heavy Dirt or Grime

To avoid a build-up of heavy dirt and grime, you should clean your patio regularly using a hose or powerwash (on a low setting).

For tough stains like grease, oil or wax, you will need a heavy-duty solution. Be sure to shop around for a quality cleaning product like stain remover or residue remover — which are renowned for removing stains without damaging the surface of your tiles.

As with regular outdoor tile maintenance, you should first prepare the area by sweeping away debris and dirt. You can then apply a spot test of your chosen cleaning product to give you peace of mind that the solution is suitable for your tiles. 

Next, apply your cleaning solution and scrub the areas with a non-scratch bristled brush where there is buildup. Please refer to manufacturers instructions for solution quantities and timings. 

You should allow the area to fully dry overnight before reassembling your furniture, BBQ and potted plants.

outdoor tiles bbq area

Our Range of Porcelain Outdoor Tiles

Save yourself the hard work and hassle of scrubbing up your old outdoor tiles, and treat yourself to a set of hard-wearing quality tiles from Roccia. 

Our outdoor porcelain tiles are low-maintenance and long-lasting due to their strong and hard-wearing material. Due to their waterproof properties and non-porous surface, our porcelain tiles have a low water absorption rate of 0.5% (or less), making them both frost-proof and anti-slip.

The versatility of our porcelain range allows you to create a patio area, stepping stone feature or seamlessly link your living space outdoors.

outdoor patio tiled area

The tough material of our porcelain outdoor tiles makes them resistant to scratching and staining, so they are ideal for breakout or outdoor dining areas where spills may happen. 

With relation to cleaning, you’ll be happy to know that porcelain is highly resistant to mould and moss growth, so not only will you have to clean them less, but they’ll be in good condition for longer — this includes UV protection which prevents the tiles from fading. 

We’d love to welcome you to our tile showroom in Preston or tile showroom in Bolton, where you can see our extensive range of outdoor tiles for yourself. 

Our experienced staff will be happy to advise on which material or style is best for your garden, giving you all the assistance you need. 

If you’d like more information on any of our products, please get in touch using our online enquiry form or contact us directly on 01772 382716.

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