New Year, New Start: Cleaning Your Bathroom Tiles

With the festivities behind us and January now in full swing, you may be looking for ways to better your lifestyle, make positive changes, and get on with your resolutions. Many people choose to look at cleanliness and organisation in the New Year, promising to tackle a deep clean early on so that staying on top of everything is easier for the upcoming months.

If this sounds familiar, we recommend starting with what’s often considered the most challenging room: the bathroom. Deep cleaning your bathroom may be a task you want to put off, but seeing the difference a gleaming floor and a sparkling bath can make is beyond worth it.

When it comes to bathrooms, tiles often take centre stage, adorning the floors and walls for both aesthetic and functional reasons. One of the reasons they’re so popular is because they’re easy to clean and maintain. So here, we’re helping you get a headstart on your New Year’s resolution by delving into our top tips for maintaining bathroom tiles – let’s get cleaning!

1.      Battling the Damp

Battling damp in the bathroom, particularly around shower tiles, requires vigilance and regular cleaning. Mould thrives in damp environments, and neglect allows it to spread. So, take control and maintain strict cleaning regimes by prioritising bathroom tiles near water sources – the hubs of mould growth. However, if you’re encountering persistent damp, you must act swiftly and employ professional help if need be. Your bathroom has to be a hygienic and relaxing space, so if you need assistance making that happen, so be it!

2.      Dry Before You Clean

When it comes to cleaning bathroom tiles, one pivotal step is often overlooked: drying the tiles first. Cleaning tiles while they’re still wet is not ideal, as wet tiles are more likely to spread detergent residue and trapped dirt. To achieve a thorough clean, dry everything thoroughly first by passing a dry mop over your bathroom floor tiles or wiping down walls with a towel. Starting with dry tiles allows your cleaning products to work more effectively, directly addressing the dirt without moisture interference.

3.      Take Your Time

Many people hastily tackle housework, but it’s important to resist this when cleaning bathroom tiles. Instead, you should apply a suitable tile cleaner and wait around 30 minutes (or the time recommended on your specific product). Patience ensures impeccable results, and the “more haste, less speed” saying rings true, as allotted time allows cleaning agents to penetrate and dissolve grime effectively. This mindful approach promotes pristine tiles, contributing to a rejuvenated, inviting bathroom. Don’t rush; precision and care define the path towards cleanliness and enduring tile brilliance!

4.      Bristles and Water

There’s no need to overcomplicate cleaning; the magic combination for clean tiles is just stiff bristles and water! For a thorough clean, begin by rigorously scrubbing tiles with a stiff-bristled brush and your chosen cleaning product, followed by a thorough rinse. Once dry, your job’s done. Other methods exist, sure, but this consistent strategy reigns supreme. Maintain this practice, and your tiles will be sparkling in no time.

5.      Cleaning Grout

Cleaning grout remains integral in maintaining a radiant bathroom. This often neglected part collects grime, resulting in a drab look, no matter how glorious your tiles are. Cleaning grout not only improves aesthetics it also safeguards against mould and mildew growth.

So, when cleaning grout around your bathroom wall tiles or your floors, use a small, stiff-bristled brush and an effective cleaning solution. Concentrate on small segments, brushing vigorously, then thoroughly rinse. By focusing on these small sections, you can ensure thoroughness and avoid missed spots, keeping the whole area gleaming and bright.

Preventing Your Deep Clean From Becoming A Problem

Regular maintenance means your intensive deep clean (although still necessary), becomes a little less intense. So, this year, consider a squeegee sweep post-shower to eliminate soap scum build-up, which is a common tile issue. And, ensure adequate ventilation during and after use to ward off mould and mildew.

Alongside this, consider using a mild cleanser weekly. Routine cleans maintain your tiles’ gleam, deterring grime accumulation. Also, consider the correct products; for example, acidic cleansers on natural slate bathroom wall tiles can be detrimental, causing surface erosion.

Lastly, seal grout annually. Grout, being porous, is defenceless against moisture inviting mould. A yearly sealant application keeps grout mould-free, preserving your bathroom’s freshness. By adhering to these preventative measures, you’ll avoid deep cleaning nightmares, ensuring your tiles stay sparkling all year round!

Here at Roccia, we know all about how to keep your tiles looking their best, which is why we take such care to bring you the very best options there are. You’ll find no better supplier of bathroom tiles for your home, so as always, we encourage you to visit our tile showroom in Preston or our tile showroom in Bolton, where you can speak to our team in person and view a range of our stunning displays.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to discuss your project with us over email, please enquire online for a FREE consultation, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

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