Interior Trends to Look Out for in 2024

At Roccia, the North West’s premier destination for top-tier bathroom, tile, and kitchen solutions, we’re at the forefront of the world of interiors. This leading position allows us to provide our customers with the very latest and greatest in interior design, ensuring you only get the best when you work alongside our team.

So, as we begin 2024, we’re anticipating the design trends that will shape our projects in 2024. From sustainability to bespoke elements, we’re taking a look into the interior trends to keep an eye out for in the next 12 months. We’re thrilled to share our expertise and insights to help you plan your renovation and refresh projects this year to ensure your home stays on-trend.

A Brief Summary of Interior Design in 2023

Before we delve into what 2024 has in store for the world of interior design, let’s explore what last year brought to the table. Almost a year ago, we made some kitchen design predictions, suggesting that wood would become an integral part of many kitchen renovation projects, and we were right:

  • Sustainability: As the world becomes more conscious of its impact on the environment, interior design has followed suit with a heightened focus on eco-friendly practices and materials. This includes sustainably sourced wood for kitchen cabinetry and worktops.
  • New Neutrals: Steering away from conventional neutral shades, 2023 ushered us into the era of ‘New Neutrals’, with a transition to deeper hues like earth tones and dark blues. Wood also played a big part in this by demonstrating that staining and painted timber was an excellent choice for those wanting to incorporate earth elements with a twist.
  • Hyper-Texturality: Texture took centre stage with a focus on ‘hyper-texturality’, including a fascinating play with wood-effect tiles. Many homeowners and designers used these tiles on both floors and walls to create an interesting blend of texture whilst bringing in those earthy elements again.

Image: Faubourg Wood Effect Tiles

What Can We Expect to See in 2024?

If you’re planning on renovating your home this year, then pay close attention because we’re now heading into our 2024 design trend predictions. Whilst not all of these may fit your personal preferences, there are certainly elements of each that could have a place in your designs; let’s take a look.

The Rising Tides of Sustainability

The year 2024 appears to be standing at a significant crossroads, and interior design is on the cusp of a remarkable transformation sparked and steered by sustainability. Whilst eco-consciousness has been an ongoing trend for the past few years, this year, we expect it to get bigger, better, and much more accessible.

This movement champions eco-friendly, non-toxic, and ethically sourced materials, creating designs as gentle on our conscience as they are appealing to the eye. Whether you choose to implement this trend through recycled ceramic tiles or through adding plants and biophilic design into your home, each step toward a more sustainable home is worthwhile.

The Resurgence of Vintage Style

The interior design landscape of 2024 is predicted to embrace the resurgence of vintage styles. Homeowners are craving pieces with a rich history that embody an authentic and nostalgic feel in their living spaces. The demand for vintage aesthetics is driving this trend, characterised by an eclectic mix of time-worn pieces that deliver a distinctive personality to interiors.

One of the reasons this style is becoming so popular is that it tells stories and sparks conversations, offering a visual respite from generic designs. The key to mastering this style is in blending past-era elements with modern functionality, creating an interesting juxtaposition. For example, you could emphasise the opulence of Art Deco through geometric accents, gold detailing, and lush fabrics, evoking glamour and classic charm. Combine this with sleek, high-gloss, large-format floor tiles to keep your lines clean and the focus on your vintage elements.

Challenging Traditional Aesthetics With Bold Bathrooms

We expect bold bathrooms to take centre stage in 2024’s interior design trends. Emphasising vibrant colours and daring patterns, they enliven a traditionally neutral space. This trend champions individuality, encouraging self-expression and adding a personal element to your bathroom.

Fearless design elements, such as feature wall tiles, create visually striking spaces. They demand attention and invigorate the senses, perfect for your guest bathroom if you’re looking to WOW your friends and family. Inviting luxury, bold bathrooms can also feature high-end finishes, like gold accents, for a lavishly modern appeal. Whatever your style, there are bold elements that you can easily incorporate to bring life to this space and inject it with some excitement.

The Power of Personalised Spaces

In 2024, we predict that personalised spaces will dominate interior design, with bespoke elements being highly desirable. Individuals are now seeking more than mass-produced items, turning to custom designs to express their unique identities. Bespoke features in furniture, artwork, and colour schemes enhance interiors, reinforcing personal uniqueness.

If you’re interested in adding a personal touch to your home design project, then we’re all ears. At Roccia, we work closely with each of our customers to ensure their design needs are met and they leave with a high-quality finish in every aspect of their project. So, whether you’re looking to embrace a bespoke kitchen, add a touch of ‘you’ to your primary bedroom, or inject life into any other room in your home, our design experts can bring your vision to life this year.

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