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What makes a high-quality kitchen? To create a kitchen that stays fresh for years, there are a handful of important factors that must be considered.

The ideal kitchen often requires the homeowner to balance their creativity against the ability to execute the designs of their dreams without fault. The simpler the design, the more elegant it may appear – at the cost of your creativity.

How you balance these qualities is at your own discretion, but we’re sure that our Schüller Kitchens are sure to impress. Whether you’re looking for geometric elegance or outlandish creative gestures, Schüller have it all.

Elba Kitchen Schuller

Elba Kitchen, by Schüller


Schüller’s Aims

As a brand, Schüller cover more than just kitchens. They consider how the whole home works together, which often means that their kitchen designs are thoughtful and functional as well as stylish and modern.

Schüller’s headquarters are located in Germany, but more interestingly for the consumer – their HQ is constructed with nature in mind. They seek to combine their economic prospects with positive, ecological designs and sustainable lifestyles. This may give you some insight towards the thinking behind their beautifully functional kitchens.


Unique Prospects in Every Kitchen

Every Schüller kitchen has its future owner in mind. Schüller are a company that consider the variety of lifestyles that their customers lead, and they recognise that each household’s culinary requirements differ.

For example, the needs of the professional couple are going to be quite different from that of a bustling family home, and it’s fair to say that as a brand, there are few more thoughtful than Schüller when it comes to genuinely considering all of their client’s requirements.

Fino Kitchen Schuller

Fino Kitchen, by Schüller


Open Plan

Schüller kitchens can be created to suit a range of environments, and with open plan being one of the hottest kitchen trends at the moment, the Schüller sense of style can help you to define space and purpose in your home.

Of particular note in most Schüller designs is the inclusion of a breakfast bar, making the kitchen an informal social space to enjoy drinks, breakfast, and chat. With less pressure than eating at the dining table, breakfast bars are great for enjoying quick meals with family and friends when you are between chores or jobs. Breakfast bars have become the hub of most homes, offering a space for the family to gather throughout the day – and there’s no denying that the options available from Schüller are among some of the very best available on the market today.

Cremona Kitchen Schuller 1

Cremona Kitchen by Schüller


Lots of Space

More than just open plan, Schüller understands the importance of Feng Shui – or rather, the philosophy surrounding the placement of objects in the home to ensure maximum happiness. They understand that a cramped space does not bring joy, but large, uninhibited walkways do.

Make the kitchen shuffle a thing of the past and design your kitchen with space in mind when you work with Schüller’s brilliant styles. Whether you’re looking for an open plan kitchen diner, or a more traditional kitchen space, you can rest assured that Schüller kitchens will afford you all of the space you and your family require.

Cremona Kitchen Schuller 2

Cremona Kitchen by Schüller


Space Saving Designs

To ensure greater home design, you must consider space saving designs that can afford you maximum efficiency. To achieve the brilliant minimalistic aesthetics that you see in the homes of others, you may have to reduce visible shelving and think carefully about what is on display.

Fortunately, Schüller are one step ahead of your plans, and already have your ease of access in mind. With a number of innovative cupboard and draw space designs that are sure to maximise every inch of space you have, Schüller kitchens are leading the way when it comes to utilising space wisely, no matter how large or small your kitchen may be.

Fino Kitchen Schuller 2

Fino Kitchen, by Schüller


Sometimes, however, you might need to get a little more creative. Overhead storage is always an option, but needs to be carefully considered by the homeowner. As a stylistic choice, the shelving shown in our example for Schüller’s Lima kitchen displays how the homeowner can exercise their personality through shelving displays, without taking up the more important shelving or surface of their kitchen.

Lima Kitchen Schuller

Lima Kitchen, by Schüller


Final Touches

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a great kitchen perfect. Automatic lighting in your cupboards and drawers, for example, will ensure that you will never again stumble around in the dark for a midnight snack, and soft close hinges and runners will dampen the slams and bangs of a common kitchen.

A Schüller kitchen is designed with care and detail, ensuring that this will be a kitchen that you will love and appreciate for years to come.

Crown Kitchen Schuller 2

Crown Kitchen, by Schüller


To truly appreciate the allure of Schüller kitchens, we would recommend viewing their range in person. At Roccia, we are pleased to have an extensive range of Schüller kitchens on display, so don’t hesitate to arrange an appointment with our kitchen design specialists, and  visit our kitchen showroom in Preston.

If you have any questions ahead of your visit, please do feel free to get in touch with us today by calling 01772 382716. Our friendly and experienced team are on hand to give you all of the guidance you require.

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