Refreshing Kitchen Designs for Summer

Kitchens are one of the busiest rooms in the house. It’s also one of the most forgotten about rooms when it comes to redesigning your home.

Whether it is because of the disruption you may think it will cause to refit an entire kitchen, or maybe you simply don’t have the time or the funds to complete an entire refit.

Here at Tile Mart, we recognise that not everyone has the time or money to refurbish their kitchen and we have put together some fantastic ideas for a kitchen revamp which doesn’t require spending a lot of money. Updating your existing kitchen fixtures is a quick, inexpensive way to refresh the way your kitchen looks.

Keep the Counters

It may seem tempting to rip out your kitchen counters when it comes to wanting a new look in your kitchen, buy why spend money unnecessarily when you can change how your room looks simply by changing the counter tops.

travertine beige kitchen

Change it up with a different finish or material and see what a difference it makes to a time worn kitchen.

Light It Up

Many kitchens have insufficient lighting installed, making the room feel uninviting and cold. The kitchen is one of the most social rooms in a home, so you want your time spent in it to feel warm and comforting, and a great way to achieve this is by installing effective lighting around the room.

dark kitchen

Light up any eating or preparation areas so that you will be able to see exactly what you are doing, as well as possibly adding under lighting under cabinets to create a more modern, illuminated atmosphere.

Tantalising Tile Flooring

With so much traffic passing over it each day, it’s no wonder that a kitchen floor can become worn our pretty easily.

To avoid having to constantly repair and replace the flooring, invest in a durable, hard wearing flooring material that will be less likely to wear away or break throughout the years.


It’s also a great idea to spruce up or add a tiles splashback to your kitchen. This adds a beautiful focal point to your kitchen which is extremely easy to clean, as well as creating a bold statement. There’s no need to tile the whole room and it creates an attractive splash of colour. Our range of porcelain tiles are perfect for this, coming in a variety of different shapes, styles and colours to create a unique kitchen style.

These are just some of the ideas that can be implemented in your kitchen environment to make it look new and fresh at a fraction of the cost of a whole room redesign. It doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavour and we are sure that you will see the difference in your kitchen in no timeat very little cost to yourself.

Here at Tile Mart, we make sure that we provide only the highest quality tiles for your home, no matter how you use them. If you are looking for a specific tile shape, colour or size, don’t hesitate to contact our fantastic team today by calling 01772 258998 and we will be more than happy to help you find what you are looking for.

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