Seven Countries Which Have Helped Shape the UK Interior Design Industry

Designer Patrick Tyberghein was brought up in France before moving to London and co-founding his own design practice in the 90s. He believes the greatest triumph of British interior design is its global outlook and how it utilises other global designs and artistic hubs such as France, Italy and beyond.

He says “These multicultural influences generate multifaceted design ideas and bring richness, eclecticism and luxury into the home. One of the main features of British Design is that it mixes old and new, tradition and modernity. Quirkiness, comfort and cosines are key qualities of the British home.”

The Roccia team couldn’t agree more, and so with that, we would like to explore seven of the countries which have helped to shape the UK design industry. You will find these designs not just in homes, but in hotels, restaurants and other public places. You may even notice some of these influences in our own designs and products.

Sweden, Norway & Denmark: Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian styles are becoming increasingly popular, with ‘Scandi’ fast becoming a buzzword within the design industry. British designers have been integrating these styles for a while now, and they have influenced design in the UK greatly.

With its reflection of simplicity, clean lines and sheer elegance, it embraces functionality, practicality and style all into one. There has always been a mutual appreciation between the two cultures of Britain and Scandinavia, and we seem to bounce off each other’s creativity when it comes to interior design. The often creative and detailed UK style is balanced out with our love of practical and straightforward Scandinavian designs. One could argue that ever since big Swedish brand Ikea made its way to the UK in 1987, the interior design love story began.

Japan: Minimalism

Japan is a country that represents a true collision between modern and traditional, certainly when it comes to interior design.

Much of their own interior style has shaped the UK interior design industry we see today, due in part to their unique approach to aesthetics. Taking inspiration from the ‘spare’ aesthetic of Buddhism and Zen, and in keeping with the theme of less is more, people who follow this trend tend to try and own as little as possible. Details are kept to a minimum, and decorative flourishes seem to only be evident in subtle aspects such as houseplants. With the popularity of minimalism on the up, we can only see the Japanese interior design theme getting more popular.

To make the most of a Japanese décor, try to keep any space open and airy. Avoid carpeting and opt for polished porcelain tiles of a darker colour. A wood effect tile would also blend into the style perfectly.

Mexico: New Vintage

What’s great about the Mexican approach to interior design is that they try to preserve the past by incorporating a vintage feel. They believe that any remodelled space still needs to show some history. They love to stay away from the ‘norm’ and give their spaces a delicate and personal touch. By blending their history with modern touches and a splash of country they truly show their heritage and personality.

Contrast is key, along with bright colours. By utilising a neutral porcelain tiled floor and incorporating bright colours, you can get this style perfect.

We have always loved to show personality and history in the UK, and certainly, in the last 5 or so years, vintage aspects in design have made a huge comeback.

What goes around comes back around, and Brits have a tendency for reworking old trends in the realm of interior design. This is evident in our recent love for traditional and classic British history appearing on textiles and interior designs, such as the prominent London motifs and Union Jack flags.

This approach is very much a reaction to modern housing and amenities becoming dominant in the UK. By bringing parts of our heritage back into our homes, people feel that they can privately preserve a bit of what has been lost in public spaces.

Morocco: Diversity in Design

Morocco is a huge influence on the UK interior design scene, and even more so in our tiles. The exotic colours and intricate detailing is a strong factor of Moroccan design and we couldn’t help but fall in love with the bright reds, yellows and greens and bring a dash of their culture into ours.

Decorative tile work has been a bold staple which we have incorporated into UK design since we can remember and has shaped the industry today. The key to injecting Moroccan heat into any interior is to try and bring the outdoors in, along with many bright and detailed colours and contrasting features. Try a polished porcelain tiled floor with a contrasting rug to begin to bring out the true Moroccan marvel.

Any bright and airy space with an injection of colour has probably taken some inspiration from the vibrant world of Morocco.

USA: United States of America Design

Bold accents and styles have always been a strong part of our interior designs.

Two main statements which have influenced our UK design scene now are the artwork and fashion statements from the USA. The concrete jungle of New York and its stand-out designs have brought factors such as exposed brick, framed artwork and tall floor to ceiling windows to our interiors.

Many modern designs today are influenced by original American style, with some notable aspects being an introduction to a bright colour scheme, fewer yet bolder statement pieces and a minimalist approach.

France:  Parisian Chic in the City

When you think of French style, what do you automatically think of? Sophistication? Film Noir? Maybe striking, monochrome patterns?

A number of British collectors and designers have set out to Paris to gather French art, design, decorative interior design objects and inspiration. Aspects which provide an antique feel are vital to a French styling, and with their love of art and all things contemporary, it is obvious to see why they blend the two.

They also love to keep a sense of vintage class in their interiors. Think chaise lounges, cast iron frames and plenty of old Hollywood glamour. A simple colour palette is key as well as a combination of simplistic modern and grand vintage.

India: A True Interior Design Influence

Ever since the 19th century, India has had a significant impact on Britain, in many ways. The rich displays of Indian art and design at shows such as the Great Exhibition of 1851 have influenced many British designers and still do to this day.

Floral designs alongside paisley motifs are a big giveaway for Indian design with much of it stemming back from the art in certain regions.

Indian-style interior designs are one of the most exotic and interesting, although complex décor styles we know today in the UK, and due to the huge cultural difference, we can’t help but be enchanted. While you may not necessarily notice these small features, they date back to traditional Indian décor, and you can see them dotted around in British interior design in both homes and business spaces. These include everything from solid wood furniture to vibrant colours, decorative cabinets and even patterned mosaic flooring.

Imagine rich colours and textures coated with reds, drizzled with copper paints and finished with a soft gold faux. Arches are also a prominent feature and can be adapted to any room.

Are you feeling inspired by some of these influences in interior design?

Whether you fancy a touch of Parisian delight in your kitchen or a multi-coloured Moroccan mosaic in your bathroom, Roccia would love to turn your dreams into reality. If you are interested in finding out more about our various tiles, including our fabulous polished porcelain tiles, we would love to help. Our team can take you to Paris, America, India or even Japan; no flight needed!

Enjoy the Roccia Experience

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