Spotlight on: Morocco Trends

Located in Northern Africa, Morocco has often been the subject of romantic and lush fantasy. The country is extremely diverse and interior design that originates in Morocco reflects this.

Characterised by arched doorways, intricate carvings, exotic colours, atmospheric lighting and colourful fabrics, it’s no surprise that Moroccan interior design has grown in popularity around the world.

In order to help you achieve the wonderful essence of Morocco in your home, we’ve put together a useful guide on the biggest Morocco inspired interior design trends.

Follow these tips below to create one of the world’s most distinguishable and beautiful styles.

1. Exotic Colours

The incorporation of Morocco into your interior design is all about adding beautiful exotic colours such as reds, yellows, greens, golds and oranges as they reflect Northern Africa’s climate and setting.

This can be achieved in a variety of ways, but one of the most popular is by adding an extra layer of texture through the use of tiles. We often find that blending rich vibrant colours is more compelling when paired with more ‘natural elements’, such as stone or wood. This means it’s super easy to add a Moroccan-inspired design to your bathroom or kitchen via the correct tiling.

By combining wood effect tiles with Moroccan colours through cupboards, mirrors or textured wallpapers, you can create a stunning design.

2. Textural Wealth

Textural opulence is a landmark feature of Moroccan style as Morocco is known for its premium-quality textiles. The region’s love of handmade and supple fabrics shine in Moroccan homes.

For a true touch of Morocco, pick soft and cosy home fabrics with intricate details and elaborate patterns in warm colours to place around your space. Turn to gauzy or silk fabrics and be as creative as you can by using them as canopies, drapes, room dividers or even furniture covers.

3. Atmospheric Lighting

Create the distinctive low levels of lighting that reflect the Moroccan style with a collection of tea lights or lanterns all lit by intimate candlelight. Remember to try using Moroccan inspired lanterns which are crafted from brass or copper of the most intricate designs as these offer a subtle glow.

Floor lamps or beeswax candles are also used as traditional Moroccan lighting. To really add a magical touch to your home, why not group metal lanterns in the corner of the room or hang them from the ceiling. It will feel bring the atmosphere to life.

4. Accessories

The final look for a complete Morocco inspired interior design is the finishing touches you make via accessories. For a bright Moroccan flourish in your home add exotic and textured cushions, accent pillows and throws in vibrant orange, blood red, intense yellow, turquoise or fuchsia.

You can even combine modern interior with effective details, such as through the use of rugs, pots, plates, figurines and more. The great thing about using accessories to enhance the design is that they can be used for any room, so if you don’t fancy changing the wallpapers or flooring of your bedroom, then using Moroccan inspired accessories can be an easier way to create the look.

Try layering textures with bedspreads and bed cushions and look for rugs to bring extra texture into the colour scheme.

Add plants to your bathroom as these not only refresh your room but also add a pop of green against beautiful exotic Moroccan hues. Beautiful golden touches will also shine against a neutral backdrop and allow you to bring a touch of the exotic Moroccan design to your bathroom.

5. Transform Your Walls

The focus on a Moroccan-styled room is the detailing, colours and beauty of the walls within your home. Walls help lift the room and bring all the elements together. By using ethnic prints, you can turn a vacant wall into the main focal point in a room. This can be done via painting, using modern wallpapers with arabesque-like lattice patterns or geometric prints which can help increase the aesthetic appeal in your living area or bedroom.

However, if you want to create a complete Moroccan look, true to the style, then replace your standard bathroom tiles and kitchen flooring with Moroccan inspired tiles, or you could even add tiling beneath any archways. Decorative tile work is commonly used in Moroccan interiors and many of them focus and embrace the quatrefoil and arabesque shape. You can complete the look by adding reflective mirrored surfaces or large mirrors.

6. Intricate Architecture and Unique Furniture

The use of arched doorways and detailed carvings are Moroccan inspired architectural elements at their very core. Avoid conventional sofas and coffee tables and replace with colourful vintage market finds, beautifully carved wooden additions or anything that showcases intricate stitching. Replace pillows on the floor with low-seating furniture that adds both support and comfort. Try finding unique pieces such as handcrafted trays and tables, stunning oval silver mirrors, kilim rugs, pouffes, wooden screens or even some Moroccan inspired artwork.

Feeling inspired to start a Moroccan look of your own? Then why not use our interior trend tips to help you decide on the best way to add Moroccan flair to your interior design. Whether you’re wanting a full Moroccan overhaul, or you’d like to add touches of Moroccan inspiration to your current decor, then our range of durable, high quality and stylish designs will add the perfect Moroccan touch to your home through your walls and floors.

If you’re interested in finding out more information about our various wall and floor tiles, then get in touch with our wonderful team today, or alternatively, you can take a visit to one of our showrooms.

Search for your nearest Roccia showroom location or contact the team, who will be more than happy to help you create the ultimate Moroccan inspired look for your space. We look forward to helping you transform your room into another world.

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