Small Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

If you’re planning to decorate your ensuite bathroom, there are many elements of design and style that you need to consider.

As bathroom experts, we have experience working with every size and style of bathroom, so let us help you to be space-efficient with the following tips on small bathroom design.

Space-Saving Techniques

Designing or renovating a small room can be difficult and it’s important to avoid cluttering the space. 

Space-saving ideas, such as hanging towels on bars or hooks and mounting taps to the wall, can accentuate the area and make the room feel open and spacious.

Here at Roccia, we stock various luxury bathroom brands, including Laufen who are characterised by their design, innovation and expert attention to detail. Their wall-mounted basins and taps can transform smaller spaces as they are more compact.

Go Large with Floor and Wall Tiles 

By opting for larger tiles in a smaller space, you can make the room appear bigger. This is not a science, but as there are fewer and thinner grout lines, naturally, the space will look larger. 

By blending the colour of your tiles with the wall, you can also create the illusion of a more open space. Though, if your style is more suited to making a statement, then our stunning range of Milano Victorian tiles can add a unique dimension to your room. 

Big tiles for small bathrooms is just a guide and it works for most people but you can also choose to use large tiles on the floor and smaller tiles for the sink splashback to incorporate different textures and features within your space.

Shapes and Colours 

When choosing fittings or features for your small bathroom, we’d advise choosing oval or rounded mirrors, baths and basins. By cutting corners from bulky units or built-in bathtubs, you will create the illusion of more space.

We would recommend bright natural colours for your ensuite bathroom, such as light blues, creamy whites or light greens. These colours will open up the room by keeping things neutral but also adding a bit of personality. You can use patterned towels and quirky wall accessories or posters to create striking and eye-catching detail. 

By choosing light shades for your tiles, walls and furnishings, you can make the room look more spacious. 

If you’d like to find out more about choosing colours and adding personality to your home, then check our blog outlining the top bathroom trends for 2021

Lighting and Decor 

As with every bathroom, we’d always recommend letting in as much natural light as possible. This can include incorporating glass for shower screens and adding mirrors. 

Light fittings are also crucial to brightening up your small bathroom, and we’d suggest a white hue bulb as opposed to a yellow glow. White bulbs generally have a more energetic feel as they mimic the colour of natural light.

By introducing plants into your bathroom, you can add character, and a natural feel to compliment the natural tones of the tiles and wall colour. False plans can also be a great addition to small bathrooms as they require no maintenance and can be stored up high on shelves or on top of units.

Still looking for inspiration? Check out our bathroom gallery or take a look at our full range of luxury bathroom brands for the latest fittings and fashion for your home.

Our tile showrooms in Preston and Bolton are now open! We’d love to welcome you back into our Design Centre where you can browse our extensive range of tiles, bathrooms, kitchens and much more. 

Our experienced staff will be happy to advise on our full range of luxury bathroom brands, including high-quality tiles and fittings for your home.

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