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Spring is a time of renewal; the idea of spring cleaning, out with the old and creating a sense of refreshment in interior spaces after the darker winter months, is an ancient one that still has great value in modern homes. The bright, vibrant colours of spring can easily be brought into the home to create a contemporary kitchen.

Here are some great spring kitchen projects to inspire you:

Green Thumb

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The kitchen is so often the heart of the home, with home cooked smells drawing even the most recalcitrant teenagers out of their rooms. A great way to make your kitchen a haven for any home cook is to grow a small herb garden. It doesn’t have to be expansive: basic herbs such as basil, thyme, chives and mint are all easy growers and take little maintenance.

For the perfect combination of practicality and personality, grow your herbs in small, individual planters. Traditional copper tea kettles are a popular option which fit perfectly with the country kitchen aesthetic, as are mason jars, the upcyclers favourite item. Alternatively, this is a great use for those beloved old mugs when chips and broken handles render them unusable.

Think beyond the windowsill when placing your herbs; you could suspend your herb planters from the ceiling instead to maximise the available space – and make your kitchen feel like one of the Seven Wonders of the world!

To complete this rustic, natural style, focus on materials with organic patterns, textures and colours, such as slate, timber and brick. A clean white painted wall provides the perfect contrast.

Achieve this with our:

Natural Slate Multicolour 40.8×61.4

Natural Slate Brick 30×30

Scorpion 60×15

Space Invaders

old wooden rack with dishware

For a sleek, modern look, you may be tempted to hide all of your gadgets and accessories away. However, minimalism isn’t particularly practical, so consider instead a different way of displaying them.

Magnetic wall mounts, shelves and hooks can be used to display various kitchen accessories on the walls; this not only puts them within easy arm’s reach, but also draws the eye to the walls of the kitchen instead of the counters. This accentuates the space of the counters and seating areas, making them feel more expansive.

In 2016, the 1980s are making a comeback and this is as true in the kitchen as it is anywhere else: glossy cabinets, sparkling counter tops and mirrored splashbacks are set to trend this year. Evoke this retro-modern style by decorating your kitchen in striking monochrome black and white, with selective use of a bright colour in accent features and the accessories you display.

A mirrored splashback is both a simple yet satisfying way to bring this trend into your home, taking the flash of the 80s and removing the plastic aesthetic for a more stylish, gleaming, appearance that improves any modern home. In addition, using a mirrored splashback creates reflections and, again, draws the eye to the wall and accentuates the space of the kitchen.

Achieve this style with our:

Quartz Mirrored White Pearl 30x30x8

Quartz Mirrored Black Opal 300x300x8

Liso Fuego Brillo 10×30


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Kitchen designers today have more options than ever when it comes to lighting; gone are the days when ceiling lights and table lamps were your only choices. Cabinet lighting is becoming ever more popular, offering lighting which is attractive, practical and energy efficient.

Low-voltage strips of LED lights can be used as accent pieces below cabinets, in cabinets and below countertop overhangs. The added lighting helps to illuminate the space fully and create mood lighting on special occasions. Interior cabinet lighting can be used to help you find your items, or in conjunction with a glass-panelled door to create a stunning feature display.

Couple your new lighting with fresh, white tiles to get the best effect: this makes the kitchen feel both larger and a lot more modern. Carefully chosen colourful accessories, even something as simple as a bowl of fruit, stand out against the bright, clean counters and create a revitalising effect.

Achieve this style with our:

Electra Argenton 7.5×15

Edge Salvia 10×30

Hampton 7.5×15

Taking up a small project for your kitchen this spring is a great way to achieve the blooming, new feeling of the season in your home. So if you would like to find out more about the products we have on offer then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team here at Roccia: we will be more than happy to help with any enquiry you may have.


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