Styles of the World: Morocco

If you’ve ever been to Morocco, you’ll know how incredible the country is. From soft Saharan dunes to the peaks of North Africa’s highest mountain range, Morocco is a vibrant, exotic melting pot of cultures – and much of Moroccan style involves elaborate geometry, materials inspired by nature and rich textiles.

Here are some eye-catching ideas to inspire you:

Natural Materials

Nature has a huge influence over the style of Moroccan interior design, with many accents and features encompassing natural materials in their look and feel.

Moroccan Style

From woollen rugs adorning the floor to carved wooden furniture and vibrant ceramics,the diverse blend is a testament to the many different cultures that have influenced the country. The ‘Zellige’ tiling, similar to the mosaic, was introduced by Persian settlers, while the flat roofs and abundance of courtyards that mark out the country’s architecture are remnants of French occupation in the 1900s.

Make ceramics and wood your main focal point when it comes to the furniture; sticking to dark, natural wooden textures for the majority of your furnishings while accentuating the walls with wooden shelves filled with ceramic objects. Tie the room together with a woollen or reed rug in the centre to give the eye something to see in every corner of the space.

Intricate Geometry

One of the first things that you will notice about this particular style is the wide variety of geometrical patterns which are used both in the overall design of the room and in the detailing for furnishings and textiles.

Moroccan Style

The ogee is the most common shape that you will encounter while researching Moroccan design and is widely used throughout the country within both textiles and architecture alike. Ogee shapes are a simplistic yet impressive way to add texture to a room especially when carved into wooden furniture or created through intricate ironwork.

It can also be introduced through lighting fixtures to help give the room an ambient, comfortable feel.

Colourful Textiles

From rustic terracotta reds, saffron yellows, and turmeric oranges, to wonderful cobalt blues and coriander greens, there’s a range of colours which can really enhance the texture and overall environment you are creating.

You only have to take a step out onto the streets of Morocco and you will be faced with a feast for the senses – from the spices and dyes in the marketplaces, to the luxurious carpets and exotic goods.

Bring the Moroccan feel into your home by furnishing with bright, vivacious rugs, Rabat carpets or even curtains adorned with deep reds and vibrant blues, scattering a few complimentary coloured, hand-woven, woollen cushions atop a relaxed leather sofa. Depending on your choice of colours, these can be as bright as you want, mixing and matching shades within the same spectrum to give the illusion of depth – but remember to keep the colours of those spices and vibrant dyes in mind!

You could even choose to hang a detailed, bold, hand embroidered tapestry on your wall as an eye-catching focal point to your room. Authentic Moroccan tapestries are usually woven on a Jacquard loom and create using dyed yarn.

Moroccan Style

Accomplishing the perfect Moroccan balance in your home is much easier than you think, so if you’d like to find out more about any of the products that we have mentioned, please make sure to get in touch with us here at Roccia – we’ll be happy to help you achieve the perfect style for your home.


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