The Advantages of Underfloor Heating

With the winter chills well and truly upon us, many of us are turning to a variety of heating solutions to warm up our homes. But there is always one issue that pops up in every cold spell… cold tiles. Walking barefoot around your home can seem like a nigh on impossible task; but fear not, as we have the solution for you, and it comes in the form of underfloor heating.

There are many advantages to underfloor heating, and in this article, we will take you through some of the most important ones to help you keep the cold away this winter.

Warms Your Home Efficiently

This is the most obvious advantage of installing underfloor heating and usually the most important for most homeowners. Underfloor heating is a fantastic substitute for conventional heating solutions; it does a great job of evenly and consistently warming each room throughout your home.

Another huge advantage you can benefit from with underfloor heating is the potential energy savings that can be made. Underfloor heating works by heating from floor to roof, which ensures that an ambient temperature is achieved around the body at a significantly lower temperature than radiators require. When you turn your heating systems off, the floor itself retains heat far more effectively than traditional radiators, which cool down very quickly. By utilising underfloor heating, your home will be warmer for considerably longer whilst requiring less energy to do so.

Underfloor Heating

It’s also worth noting just how old many heating systems in homes are these days – it’s not uncommon to have boilers and radiators that have been in use for well over 20 years. These old systems are notorious for consuming large amounts of energy compared to the new kid on the block, underfloor heating.

All this means that you’ll see a reduction in your monthly energy bills thanks to a much lower amount of energy being consumed by your heating.

More Space

If you are looking to incorporate a real sense of minimalism into your home, underfloor heating is for you. Radiators and other heating solutions are notorious for taking up large amounts of space in each room around your home. The use of an underfloor heating system around your home ensures that you can stay cosy with no obstructive heating devices on show.

With the system being completely hidden away under your floor, you can rest assured that your home will be clutter-free and warm throughout those colder months of the year.

Rarely Needs Maintenance

Both electric and water based underfloor heating solutions require little to no maintenance due to their reliability. When maintenance is required, you can rest assured that this is usually extremely cheap as the vast majority of issues can be fixed with ease.

Just think about how much time and money you could save by swapping your conventional heating solution for underfloor heating. No more costly maintenance or excessive heating bills – a luxury we could have only dreamed of before the invention of underfloor heating.

Under floor Heating


Radiators and convection heating leave the floors cold, which leave your home open to dampness occurring at ground level. Cold and damp conditions are the ideal breeding ground for dust mites, and preventing such conditions can be difficult at the best of times.

You’ll be glad to know that through the use of underfloor heating all of those pesky dust mites and other insects will have a tough time breeding. The technology ensures that the ground is simply too warm and dry for bugs to thrive.

Can Be Used with Almost Any Floor Surface

You might be thinking, ‘well, all this sounds great, but is my flooring suitable for underfloor heating?’ The answer is most probably: yes, it is! The vast majority of people believe that underfloor heating systems are only suitable for very specific floor types, such as solid surfaces. But the systems we use here at Roccia are suitable for being placed under hardwood, laminate, vinyls, most carpets, ceramic tiles and stone floors, so you can rest assured your home can benefit from our fantastic underfloor heating solutions.


Here at Roccia, we are proud to offer you high-quality underfloor heating this winter. If you are looking for trusted tile suppliers in Preston or tile suppliers in Bolton, look no further than Roccia. Our team of expert sales assistants are always on hand to give you all the advice and guidance you need.

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