The Art of Wellness: Designing for Mental Wellbeing

Are you looking to create a relaxing and rejuvenating sanctuary at home? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

In today’s blog, we’re focusing on the essential connection between interior design and mental wellbeing. Our award-winning designers will explore how expertly curated living spaces can help create a serene environment, encouraging restoration, creativity, and peace. With clever design elements, Roccia can help turn your home into a haven of wellness. If you want to transform your space and include it as a part of your healthy lifestyle, we’re here to tell you how.

Overview of Interior Design and Wellness

Regardless of personal styles and preferences, the art of interior design is all about combining beauty with functionality whilst putting the homeowner’s needs first. Well-thought-out interior design creates spaces that showcase personal style while promoting efficiency. So, with this in mind, when it comes to interior design, wellness means crafting environments that support our wellbeing.

Looking into this further, wellness-based design considers factors that promote positive mental and physical health, such as:

  • Air quality
  • Natural light
  • Biophilic principles

The blend of interior design and wellness results in inspiring, purposeful spaces, as a well-designed room is not only visually appealing but also boosts our wellbeing by promoting productivity, relaxation, and overall satisfaction. Both elements come together to make a cohesive home or workspace, and here at Roccia, our stocklist of incredible products, as well as our expert eye for design, helps to create these inspiring spaces.

cosy living room with wood floor, wood beams, blue couch and plants around

The Impact of Tiles on Wellbeing

At Roccia, we’re passionate about the spaces we create, handpicking every item we stock to provide customers with a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality. Take tiles, for example, boasting a blend of practicality and aesthetics. They’re durable, require low maintenance, and come in diverse designs, which means easy upkeep and a style that mirrors your taste.

As mentioned, marrying functionality with design invites a sense of wellbeing, and both floor and wall tiles offer households a clean, spacious feel. Their hard surfaces resist moisture and allergens, promoting a healthier environment. Plus, their varied colours, shapes, and textures offer endless opportunities for bespoke interior design, helping to achieve mental tranquillity.

Designing Calm Spaces

Taking our products into account, Roccia can actually help you design calm spaces in more ways than one. If organisation and clean lines are what you need to create a relaxing, free-from-clutter environment in your home, then we have plenty of storage solutions available from our luxury kitchen brands. These clever cabinets and artistically designed islands help you keep appliances, seasonings, and other kitchen items organised and out of the way so you can walk into your home without being faced with mess, ready to cook up a storm or entertain guests without a worry.

It’s also worth noting that minimalist luxury tiles also help create a calming atmosphere. So, if you’d prefer to go down this route toward designing a relaxing home for your mental wellbeing, then it’s also a great option. Whatever calm and tranquillity mean to you, we can help you achieve it.

looking into kitchen with high-gloss marble large format tiles

Natural Elements in Roccia Designs

It’s no secret that humans seek a connection with nature, which is often the reason we integrate natural elements into our designs, bringing the tranquillity of the outdoors into your indoor spaces. It’s because of this that indoor/outdoor living has become such a popular design choice over the past few years.

But, if you don’t have the outdoor space available, or you don’t have much trust in the Great British weather, then bringing natural elements indoors may be a better option. Whether it’s the authenticity of wood-effect wall tiles, the feeling of stepping onto slate-effect floor tiles, or the comforting hues of natural colour palettes, we can help you seamlessly blend nature into your home. This connection with nature is instantly calming, transforming the overall feeling of your home and, in turn, improving your mood.

Maximising Comfort with Light and Space

Comfort is about more than just fluffy pillows and plush rugs. While these soft furnishings do help tie a room together and provide physical comfort, it’s the thoughtful design of light and space that makes a home truly comfortable.

For example, when planning your home’s redesign with your mental wellbeing in mind, remember to consider light at all times of the day. We always recommend incorporating ample natural light by utilising glass internal doors and large windows to allow daylight to travel through your home. And, when thinking of the night, create a cosy and inviting ambience by strategically placing warm-toned, dimmable lighting fixtures. Use a combination of task lighting for functionality, ambient lighting for overall illumination, and accent lighting to highlight focal points, creating a versatile and comfortable atmosphere that adapts to different needs and moods as day turns to night.

looking into living room with large format white high-gloss marble tiles and glass interior doors

Roccia’s Wellness-Centric Solutions

Whether it’s making your kitchen more environmentally friendly, providing the perfect tiles that bounce light and expand your space, or installing a storage-focused bathroom to hide clutter, the team at Roccia are here to help. We’re committed to providing wellness-centric solutions that cater to your individual lifestyle, preferences, and needs. Shaping the unique blend of high-end luxury and wellness principles, we invest in your wellbeing, giving you a homely environment that serves both your desire for elegance and your need for comfort.

So, if you’re ready to get started on your home’s transformation, we’re ready to assist. Visit our tile showroom in Preston or our tile showroom in Bolton to view our displays for yourself and get the opportunity to speak with our team in person. Alternatively, please don’t hesitate to enquire online for a FREE design consultation, and we’ll get back to you in no time.

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