The Beauty Of Wooden Flooring

If you’re looking for a subtle way to enhance your natural home, opt for wooden flooring throughout. Wood offers a quality finish quite like no other material, providing a strong aesthetic statement to both large and small spaces.


Whether you prefer dark and tonal palettes, or light and delicate styles – the beauty of wood is that there is a grain to match any decor. So, as flooring specialists here at Tile Mart, let us introduce you to our beautiful range of wooden flooring options. Enjoy.

Warm Tones


For a rustic and homely feel, opt for warmer tones throughout your home’s decor. Consider wood types such as white oak, walnut and cherry for a coherent and stylish feel throughout, and complement with rich furnishings, such as velvet, heavy cottons and embellished surfaces for a quality finish.


Warmer tones add a real vintage and calming quality to a space, adding a sense of luxury and traditional heritage to your home’s aesthetic.

Fresh Details


Nothing says shabby-chic like a statement-making light wooden floor. It’s the ideal vintage aesthetic to enhance your home, creating a simplistic yet forever on-trend styling to a space. Consider matching fresh wooden tones with complementary furniture of similar themes, creating a soft and calming quality to your abode.


For a real sense of shabby-chic style, don’t forget to add a touch of pastel shades and fairy lights to give your space a vintage sparkle!

Subtle Palettes


Whether you prefer pine or maple, medium depth woods are ideal for both large and small spaces, and work to enhance the quality of a decor. Subtle tonal woods are fantastic for any room in the home, from bathroom to kitchen, and can offer a natural and soft palette throughout.


Medium tones are ideal when matched with soft furnishings of a contrasting colour. Add a contemporary twist to any aesthetic by adding a pop of colour throughout your home’s decor. Opt for a primary or secondary shade to really make a statement!

Here at Tile Mart, we’re passionate about home design, and offer a unique and beautifully bespoke range of floor and wall products. From marble to wooden and porcelain floor tiles, we provide a stunning range that promise to enhance your home. Our friendly and creative team are always happy to answer any questions you may have, so for more information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01772 550 900 today!

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