The Do’s and Don’ts of Interior Design

These days DIY is certainly becoming more popular, and it is unsurprising as there are so many different tools and materials; from tiles to structural wood openly available to us. Of course, with DIY you get the successes and the disasters. So, to ensure that your project is a hit, follow the do’s and don’ts of interior design to make sure that you get the aesthetic that you desire the most!

Do – Consider Complements & Contrasts

If you love a particular colour, it can be very tempting just to choose one and simply go with that – this is called playing it safe. This is a good idea for some rooms but can be a little boring for others. So don’t be afraid to be experimental. Complement colours with varying shades or complement dull colours with bold, over-exaggerated colours.

Do – Enhance Spaces

Don’t feel that your creativity is limited due to a lack of space, instead enhance the space you have by using the following techniques:


  • Use mirrors
  • Use light/pastel colours
  • Have a feature wall
  • Use shiny textures


Do – Hire a Professional!

If you are unsure about a job or doubt your skills, don’t be afraid to admit defeat and hire a professional. It is more important that a project is completed to a high standard, so even if you don’t want to swallow your pride, it could be better this way!

Don’t – Confuse your Interior

You may like more than one style, but that doesn’t mean that you should choose them all! Try not to clutter up your interior with too many colours, styles or textures. Too many styles will create a confused aesthetic that will not make for a relaxing aesthetic.

Don’t – Use The Wrong Tools

Make sure that you choose the right tools for the job, don’t go hammering nails with the back of screwdriver or trying to pull them out with your teeth! – We know that this sounds a little extreme, but believe us, we’ve heard some very bizarre DIY stories in our experience!

Don’t – Be Afraid To Be Different

If what you want isn’t what is on trend in the magazines, don’t worry, this is what makes your home extra special and uniquely yours. Don’t be afraid to be different and have a home that you truly love!

Don’t -Forget To Plan Your Space

Before jumping into decorating, ensure that you plan your space effectively, you don’t want to end up with items that are far too big for your space!

Decorating your home is truly exciting, so make sure that it is a success by following our do’s and don’ts of interior design! You won’t regret it. At Tile Mart we supply a wide range of tiles, if you would like information about our products please do get in contact!


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