The Future of Mosaic

Mosaic tiles have been the must-have tile trend of every season, and offer a timeless, versatile and easy-renovation tile option for any design décor.

Modern day mosaics have changed greatly from the traditional styles that we know and love. Mosaics have developed not only in size but in appearance, aesthetics and tonal quality. Mosaics are typically the easy tiling option for any home – giving a room a vibrant and detailed décor in simplistic style.

Here are our favourite mosaic masterpieces of 2014.

Natural stone


Natural stone tiles are classic, stylish and ooze subtle sophistication into any room. They offer a neutral palette and give a unique textural quality that can make any décor appear modern or traditional depending on style tastes. Natural stones mosaics offer a design vibe that provides a well-thought-out yet a little rough-around-the-edges design ethic that creates beautiful shapes that cannot be reproduced. Natural tiles are best paired with white bathroom suites and wooden floors to give an all-round nature-inspired décor.

Micro colour


Colour can be a hard element to bring into any décor, and applying brighter shades can be a little daunting. Go for it, but be subtle! The Agatha tile range offers dream colour combos in a stylish and contemporary manner – with fresh white ‘chip’ tiles being randomised by one-off primary colour shaded chips of the same size. This is the perfect look for any colour home, giving a completely modern and artistic quality to a simplistic décor.

Wooden Geometry


Wood is faultless, and satin wood surfaces are even more perfect! Geometrically shaped wooden tiles are the new trend of the season, and display large-scale tiles in various shapes and wood finishes to create a jigsaw style aesthetic. This unique quality of mosaic finish offers a stylish yet contemporary décor that could glamorise any room in stylised simplicity. Mix-match wood tiles and natural dark slate floor tiles are the dreamiest of natural material combinations – The perfect mosaic option for any larger sized space!


Here at Tile Mart, we are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of contemporary and traditional tile collections to suit any interior design. For further information regarding our product ranges including glass, marble and mosaic tiles please feel free to get in contact with our friendly and creative team on 01772 258 998 today!

Go Natural With Your Décor

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