Tiles: Big VS Little

Interior trends are forever changing and it is sometimes hard to keep up, but if your abode hasn’t had a little uplift recently, it may just be the time to consider redecorating and updating your décor. Tiles are a great way of adding new life to a room at a smaller cost than completely starting over and refurnishing. If you are thinking about re-tiling your kitchen or bathroom, walls or flooring, there are so many tile options to choose from and it can be a little daunting to know what will be the perfect suit for your beloved home.

Factors to consider include what has a better overall coverage, what a tile style will look like on a large scale such as a whole wall or large floor area, and whether the style will suit your surrounding décor. Make sure to consider colour palettes and accents, already installed furnishings that you may not be changing and whether you have picked a style that you will admire for years to come.

A time old battle of the two extremes in the tiling world: Large or small.

There are so many beautiful ranges of tiles that come in various shapes and sizes and it is important to discover the beauty each can have for an overall styling of a room or statement interior decoration. A reoccurring trend of the tile world is to use tiles that appear as a single expanse of surface with minimal grouting seams to disturb the effect. There are two ways this faultlessly designed look can be achieved – by using perfectly proportioned mosaic tiles over a large space, or by using mega scale tiles.

Mini mosaics

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles have been trending for years, and have grown even more popular of late due to their unique style and overall finish. Mosaic tiles are an easy way to update your bathroom or kitchen walls, available in array of styles, colours and finishes to give your home a touch of tiled beauty and unique aesthetic. Sizes of mosaic tiles vary, some only a few millimetres in size and if used in the correct way as an accent wall or over a large scale, can create stunning effects for the rest of the indoor space when catching the light.

Extra large statement tiles

Recent years have seen the growth of tiles in both popularity and size. Recent technologies have encouraged décor designs to incorporate such large tiles so that a kitchen splash back or tile accent in a bathroom can be created with the use of only a few tiles. Make sure though, if purchasing such beautiful tile qualities with design opportunities, to consider extra thin grout lines so as not to draw attention away from the smooth effect and to the obvious seam lines. Larger tiles are particularly contemporary and can modernise a surrounding easily, they are also particularly striking in bold, monochrome or mix-mash colourings.

Large Tiles


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