Gorgeous Grouting

Tiles provide a beautiful surface for walls or floors in the kitchen, bathroom, and many other rooms in the house. However, you’ll no doubt have already put a lot of thought into your choice of tiles, there’s another factor that can help you to create a fantastic finish – the grout. Grouting is used to fill the joints between tiles to give you a flawless surface – but it can also be used for aesthetic effect.

Matching Grout

matching grout
If you want a seamless finish, then you should choose grout to match the colour of your tiles as closely as possible. If you can’t find an exact match, then a neutral shade such as grey or cream works well, as it will fade into the background and allow the tiles to come to the fore. This is ideal for smaller rooms, as it will make the lines between tiles less visible and this creates the illusion of more space.

Contrasting Grout

black tile white grout
For a dramatic effect, you can use a contrasting colour of grout – for example, white grout against a black tile – which accentuates the shape and colour of the tiles themselves. This is particularly effective in modern, geometrically driven designs, or where you’re using the tiles in an unusual pattern and want to emphasise these shapes as opposed to the features of the individual tiles.

Accent Grout

accent grout
If you are using multicoloured tiles, or a selection of tiles in different shades, then you can choose one of those colours as the accent shade and use the grout to accent the tiles. You can then extend this further into the room by choosing fixtures and accessories in the accent shade. This is often most effective when the accent shade is the lightest colour, as this will provide a contrast with the darker shades and harmonise with the lighter colours.

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