Top 3 Interior Design Trends for Autumn

In a couple of weeks, believe it or not, our woolly hats will be taken out of the wardrobe and our heating will be starting to see some action. But most importantly of all, we are going to be seeing some ultra-cool new trends coming our way, reflecting the wonders of the of the season!

Autumn is great for many things: kicking up leaves in your wellies, cosy nights in with the family and the chance to splash some cash on some new Autumn clothes. However, above all these is perhaps the greatest thing of all…and that is the fantastic new interior design trends we at Roccia get to explore.

So, what trends can we start to get giddy about and how can we incorporate these into our homes?

Getting in the Mood

While deeper and darker shades are always a big hit in the Autumn, this year we are seeing them rocking on the scene even bigger and bolder than usual, making a bit of a storm.

Colour is a hugely powerful influencer and can define the mood of any home and specific space, making sure your mood and personality is surely reflected through your décor. Let the interior design industry know you mean business!

Here at Roccia, we are super excited for these darker, matte and block shades to come along, embracing the nocturnal palette from home to business. Dark hues reflect a luxurious feel and a deep and moody atmosphere; perhaps perfect for a bathroom space.

What better way to bring a deep and darker hue into your home than by adding a luxury brand to it? This Versace marble range brings a sensual, yet relaxing, vibe into your bathroom. Get some candles lit and you’ll sink into a dream world.


On the Way to Emerald City

Keeping in with darker and deepened hues making a new showcase, we are seeing an especially exciting trend of vibrant emerald green, with this one certainly reflecting luxury, elegance and romance.

In fact, emerald is the secret stone of the goddess Venus, thought to preserve love and hope. However, its stunning shade can also reflect naturistic elements in the home. By having this colour in your home, you can also benefit from positive psychological properties of peace, harmony and balance, giving a feeling of rejuvenation, restoration and connection. Peace out!

Whether you incorporate this into your kitchen, bathroom or even your bedroom, be sure to go with blocks of the colour to get a stronger design across. Our Biselado range is perfect for block design and comes in a groovy green!

Getting Funky in the Kitchen

Another strong trend we are excited to see come onto the interior scene is the opposite of the dark hues trend. We are also going to be seeing a lot more fun coming into your kitchen, with bright reds, oranges, purples and even yellows making “You’ll always find us in the kitchen at parties” particularly true! Cooking will never be dull again when you have your surrounding space to lighten up your mood.

Bringing a positive and energetic vibe into your home through tiling of walls, countertops and bright cabinets, this trend is certainly an exciting one! Who’s to say you can’t bring this trend into the bathroom also?

Purple in the kitchen is certainly creative, and is fun! What you cooking, good looking? This is our Cento Per Cento Range.

Roccia love to keep on top of current trends, and with Autumn still a few weeks away we are giving you the insights with plenty of time to get some ideas flowing, and some inspiration ready to transform your home for the Autumn!

If you would like any more information regarding any of our products, which fit perfectly into these trends, we would love to have a chat. You can give us a call, drop us an email or, even better… why not come visit our fabulous showroom and see the trends in action?

Why not get ahead of the trends, be a trendsetter and get some of these in your homes now? We know we are!



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