5 Ways to Mature Your Home

As you’ve grown over the years, so have your fashion tastes – the clothing you wore as a teenager is likely to not be part of your style anymore. The same can be said about your preferences for décor, as your interior design tastes are also in constant evolution throughout your lifetime. Whether you’re getting ready to start a family or are simply wanting to mature your home, there are a few simple interior design choices that you can make.


Glass Up Your Kitchen

When growing up, having mismatched glasses that you have collected here and there can be fun. It can add to your quirkiness and be a fun element for when your friends are over. When you pass a certain age, however, it’s always good to invest in ‘grown-up’ glassware. This means having a few pieces that you can use for a formal dinner, such as a few high-quality regular glasses and a few high-quality wine glasses.

The style, the size, and the shape of the glasses are factors to consider – in these glasses, you will pour red and white wine and serve them to your guests. Did you know that each factor will affect how wine is drunk? Having crystal glasses is always a good choice; crystal sparkles, it’s stronger, and it has more intricate designs available. Because crystal has a coarser surface than regular glass, wine can develop more intense aromas when swirled in a crystal glass.

Similarly, a wider glass bowl allows for an increase in wine surface that is exposed to the air, which means that alcohol evaporates quicker. This creates the wine’s aroma and can change its taste, which is why wide bowls are advised for red wine and narrow and tall bowls are advised for white wine. A stemless glass is ideal for a more casual setting; however, a glass stem is helpful to keep your hand’s heat away from the wine and to keep the wine’s temperature unchanged – ideal for formal dining.



Wall Things Must Pass

Having a cohesive interior design doesn’t mean that you have to reduce your colour palette to neutrals or monochromatic colours if you don’t want to. While these colour schemes can provide a cleaner and ‘grown-up’ feel, if they’re not you then you can add some bold colours. Whether you love fruity and citrus hues or you’re inspired by reds or blacks, you can have a focus wall with bright wall tiles to complement other colourful accessories.

If you like the idea of neutral-coloured walls but still think something is missing, why not go all out with your floor tiles? Renovating your home doesn’t have to be expensive – a simple addition of tiles to your wall or floor, whether in the living room, bathroom, or kitchen, can make a big difference. You can easily add a touch of sophistication to mature your home without compromising on your own personal style.


For Room the Bell Tolls

Every room in the house should reflect your personal style. However, it can be done in a more ‘grown-up’ way. You can still showcase your interests and hobbies, with a touch of sophistication that is sure to transform your home into your own personal haven. If you love films and have memorabilia from years of collecting it, why not showcase it with style? From dedicated furniture to high-quality prints, you can easily integrate your love for films with your interior design.

In addition, your bedroom should also be more than just where you sleep. Consider your bedding, your decoration, and your accessories: does your bed look inviting for a good night’s sleep? Having a good mattress and frame is always a good investment; long gone are the days in which you could literally sleep on the floor, and your body will appreciate a soft mattress to rest on.

Accessorising your room, regardless of your colour preferences and tastes, doesn’t have to be a big expense. You can invest in big prints instead of smaller framed ones. The prints will open up your room and you will always enjoy looking at a high definition print of your favourite film on the wall.


Get an Upper Hand on Your Clutter

From your bedroom to your kitchen and living room, keeping your home clutter-free and clean gives your guests a great first impression. And it’s also a sign of maturity! You can add furniture for storage – and not the plastic, temporary kind – to transform each room into a haven of cleanliness and no clutter. A few good pieces of furniture with enough space for your belongings will allow you to easily store what you own, and you’ll have enough surface space for any decorations and accessories that you wish to showcase.

Keep your decorations and trinkets to a minimum, as they can easily look like clutter. Invest in bigger items and truly showcase your style; smaller items can become more of a hassle and make your rooms look smaller. In addition, make sure you start your day nicely by making your bed. It may seem like a small thing, but it can help you to begin your day in the right frame of mind. It can also help to encourage you to keep the rest of your room tidy – and the fact that it looks better and more mature is also a plus.


Let the Light One In

Should you decide to have light coloured wall tiles or ceramic floor tiles, for example, it can help to make your home feel significantly brighter. If your home has a darker colour scheme, adding certain elements in key places will help to bring the light in. Place a mirror opposite a window to both reflect the views and the light from outside, or place it adjacent to a window to mimic it and make it seem as if there are more windows in the home.

Decorate your home with shiny and reflective items that can bounce light and make your rooms feel brighter. In addition, you can also have your ceiling decorated with lighter colours than your walls, should the latter be a darker hue. Matt tiles, for example, are a great choice to reflect light.

Regardless of what colour scheme you choose to mature your home, here at Roccia we’re sure that you’ll find tiles that correspond with your style. Simply get in touch with us or visit our showrooms to know more about our high-quality tile collections.

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