Top Tips from the Grand Design Experts That You Need to Know

Returning for its consecutive 13th year from 11th-15th October 2017, Grand Designs Live is a bi-annual event driving inspiration from Kevin McCloud’s Grand Designs TV show on Channel 4 and we’ll be there on stand K115. As the UK’s number one award-winning home show, you can expect a wide variety of exhibitors offering a wide range of inspiration and design tips.

From over 400 exhibitors showcasing interiors, gardens, technology, kitchens and bathrooms, food and drink, a selfbuild bootcamp, grand room sets, a VIP experience, and a virtual reality sandbox, and much more, you are sure to find your inspiration within the multitude of events on at the Grand Designs Live.

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What to Expect at the Event

We will be at Grand Designs Live on stand K115, providing you with expert advice on kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles and more. We can also advise you on bespoke design services, which guarantees you not only a unique style for your home but also a solution that fits your requirements exactly. At Roccia, we are constantly working towards the continuation of our innovative interior design approach, and our engineering department crafts the perfect tiles for your projects. Alongside helping you to find solutions for tile needs, we also provide expert advice on how to integrate our different tile range into your interior design project.

From being on top of seasonal interior design trends for your home, to helping you to find tiles for your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or living room within a theme you have chosen, we can help you address your concerns. You can easily achieve a citrus-inspired interior design style, and we also have a range of Victorian tiles that will aid you in creating a modern take on a Victorian style for your home.

The Grand Interior Designs Arcade also aids you in finding the perfect way to furnish your home, inspiring you with furniture you could choose. Make a stop at the Virtual Reality Sandbox to get an idea of how every step of your project is interconnected. Bring your ideas to life and visualise them in 3D, taking into consideration the architectural design, construction, and interior design.



Design Tips From the Design Guru Himself

Design expert Kevin McCloud, says that the biggest mistake you can make while undertaking a renovation is to not plan. He says that “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”, as renovation projects don’t always take as long as you may believe. Appropriate planning in advance will allow for any unexpected events, accounting for the fact that renovations typically take more than a year. By rushing into refurbishment and rebuilding, you may come across issues in your property’s foundations of which you were previously unaware. Addressing these issues may take months longer than the allocated time you believed your project would take.

Kevin McCloud adds, however, that he doesn’t “believe there is a house anywhere on the planet without some redeeming feature”, and that the only aspects that can’t be changed are the exact location of your property, your view, and where your property sits on.


Interior Design Advice from Grand Designs Live Experts

As a visitor to the Grand Designs Live event, you can ask an expert for advice in areas such as architecture, finance, structural design, planning, project management, and interior design.

Owner of Create Perfect Limited, Gina Everett, is one of the interior design experts you can consult with at the Grand Designs Live. Her top tips for when considering interior designer trends for children’s bedrooms are to think about and prioritise storage. She explains that children can change their themes, tastes, and ideas constantly, and that having a specific theme for their bedroom or play room isn’t a good idea. She advises that you should “create a fantastic space with great products that they can enjoy, but that can also grow with them. Storage is a great place to start!”

Having enough storage space to take into account what your children will want to put away is vital, in order for you to be able to provide them with a stimulating but relaxing space that is kept tidy. Other factors such as patterns and colours should also be thought about. Everett says that “neutrals, especially white and greige (grey-beige), which is on trend, lend themselves well to this. Then adding pops of colour and interest in exciting accessories really give the space character and personality.”

Lynne Lambourne from Love Nellie believes in up-cycling furniture to give your home a feeling of sophistication. She loves to up-cycle furniture in order to create unique pieces for people’s homes, creating an interesting aesthetic for any interior design style. Her tips on painting furniture include not forgetting to consider the style and period of the furniture you are working with. According to her, “it just looks wrong to paint a mid century modern G plan sideboard and then distress it in a shabby chic effect.”

She adds that having the best brushes you can afford is essential, as the quality will have an impact on the finish. Being careful before picking up the paintbrush, however, is also vital, as she advises to always look for a label on a piece of furniture that you acquire. You may have a valuable table, for example, that would lose its value with a coat of paint. Lambourne adds that “if a wooden piece is in good condition and has gained a lovely patina over time, it’s often a shame to paint it as its taken years to aquire that look. However if the grain is stained or ruined, then slap the paint on to your hearts content. Pine and oak are mass produced fast growing woods but think again before painting over rare woods like mahogany.”

We are committed to providing a high-quality service to all customers, from the first moment of contact. Finding the ideal solutions for you project may seem difficult, but we are always happy to give you any assistance we can provide. Get in touch with our expert team to learn more about our extensive range of tiles and how we can help you to find your own inspirational style, and visit us at stand K115 at the Grand Designs Live event.

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