Top Wall Tile Trends of 2019

Extravagant wall tiles have taken off in the last few months, and with that in mind, we’ve added two amazing mosaics to both our Preston and Bolton showrooms to demonstrate the vast potential of designs that you could be enjoying when you move from painted walls to tiled ones. In this article, we will take a look at the latest wall tile trends that you can use in your home.

Wall Tiles

Hexagonal Tiles

These gorgeous tiles can be used in so many diverse ways to create a space that feels modern, creative and unique. You are most likely to see these tiles used in trendy bathrooms or on a kitchen splashback, but there are so many different designs that you could choose to replicate.

A popular choice for these tiles is to pick a bold colour with a contrasting colour to create a honeycomb effect, but these tiles also look stunning when you mix and match between three and four colours of complementary shades and saturation. Mixing colours can bring a room together by combining the main colours with an accent colour in your tiling.

By choosing more reserved shades of colour – think burgundy and crimson instead of fire truck red – you can create a look which suggests the traditional whilst bringing a fresh look to a tired room.

Hexagonal Wall Tiles

Image: StoneOne Porcelain Bathroom Tiles

Fish Scales

2019 is all about tile shape; tiles with an interesting or unusual shape are catching the eyes of the public, perhaps because changing your tile shape can be a good way to give a new lease of life to an old room without having to reconfigure your entire colour scheme (unless you want to, of course).

Fish scale tiles, also known as teardrops, are a beautiful tile which creates a wall which is satisfyingly precise and delicate all at the same time. Unlike hexagonal tiles’ geometric shape, the teardrop tile is creative with its gentle curves and precarious spikes, which all slot together to create a beautiful feature wall.

Due to both of the popular names for these tiles revolving around water, many people like to decorate their bathrooms with floor to ceiling teardrop tiles. The overall effect is quite stunning and protects against condensation and damp far better than paint will.

Fish Scales


Focus Walls

A very popular interior design movement currently is to have one wall in your room which bucks the trend, one wall which showcases your creativity or introduces a key colour in your furniture that was previously overlooked. As well as bringing a room together, a focus wall can distract guests from focusing on any imperfections on surrounding walls by drawing their attention away.

A focus wall could consist of hexagonal tiles, fish scales or mosaics. You can get a closer look at our focus wall ideas by visiting our tile showroom in Preston and our tile showroom in Bolton, or by reading our blogs about our Sir Tom Finney Splash and The Match Mosaic.

Roccia The Splash Mosaic

Geometric and Graphic Patterns

Other than shapes and the type of tile, busy surfaces are also very much in fashion. Go bold with swirling patterns in contrasting colours with a matte finish, and you’ll be sure to impress your guests. The more intricate, the better – your home is your canvas, so let your passion flow into your interior design style.

As well as looking beautiful, these tiles are also very functional since they’ll disguise any smudges left by toothpaste or soap until you’re ready to clean them. Geometric and intricate graphic patterns can be used to cover an entire room, but they often work most powerfully when used as a feature wall.

Kiko Subway tiles

Image: Kiko Subway Tiles

Surface Finishes

Glossy tiles are a popular choice for walls and work great in a small space because they reflect natural light superbly, but if you have space, then you might consider pursuing the current trend which prioritises beautifully smooth matte finishes for wall tiles.

Alternatively, if you have a small bathroom but are tired of plain-looking glossy tiles, then you might consider metallic finish tiles. These tiles are perhaps more reflective than your typical gloss wall tile, and they quickly add a modern industrial touch to any space. Combine this knowledge with the fact that mixed metal fittings and fixtures are currently in style, and you could soon have yourself a beautiful copper and gold bathroom or kitchen to show to your friends and family.

La Roche Porcelain Tiles

Image: La Roche Porcelain Tiles

Mixing Tiles

Mixing the type of tile on your wall can be a feature, so why not blend some wood-effect tiles into a wave of blue hexagonal tiles? Experimentation and self-expression are a huge part of interior design, so don’t be afraid to play around with some radical designs before you conclude what your final product should be. Don’t be afraid to mix up sizes and styles with colours and textures.

Interno 9 Tiles

Image: Interno 9 Tiles

With these interior design secrets, you should be well on your way to greeting 2020 with a very impressive home that stays ahead of the new year’s trends. We look forward to hearing about all your inquiries for beautifully shaped tiles with extraordinary patterns in the upcoming months.



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