Transform Your Home with Marble Effect Tiles

Summer is a popular time for redecorating your interior, and with a plethora of design options to choose from, it can seem a difficult task to find the right style for you.

There are so many different ways to incorporate varied designs within your interior, but one of the more popular styles we’re seeing emerge at Roccia, is marble effect tiles to transform a home into a luxurious and elegant vision.

What Are Marble Effect Tiles?

Did you know marble effect tiles are not made from marble? They are a porcelain tile that have been manufactured to mimic the look and feel of marble. Genuine marble tiles are not only incredibly heavy, but they are also very expensive. Due to the nature of the material, they need to be installed by an individual who is familiar and experienced with installing the product.

Porcelain marble effect tiles, however, are substantially lighter, much more affordable, and much easier to handle and work with than real marble.  It is these attributes that make marble effect tiles aesthetically pleasing and increasingly popular within the interior design world.

Add Elegance to Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is a room used for socialising with your guests, and with this, you want the room to be a striking feature within your home. Your interior design allows you to portray your personality and you can do this in a variety of ways. Whether it’s through tile design, size, or colour, you can decorate any way you like.

Marble effect tiles add elegance within any room, and the kitchen is an ideal area to decorate with this style. For an unapologetically striking look, our Luni collection is an ideal choice. Our Luni tiles will decorate your kitchen in a stunning way. Using their light colours, they are capable of expanding the space, making your kitchen look larger and spacious. Luni floor ceramics are a worthy choice for anyone looking for a representative and chic interior.

Marble effect tiles can be used to create beautiful designs and results when used to decorate your kitchen. This type of tile stands out well when used for flooring and walls. Their durable and resilient characteristics ensure they can be used anywhere within your home.

Add Luxury to Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is an ideal room to be daring, bold and ambitious with your designs.

A great benefit of marble tiles is their extreme durability and capability of standing up against tremendous wear. Also, unlike real marble, porcelain marble effect tiles are non-porous, meaning they won’t stain or become damaged when cleaned with chemical cleaning products.

Our timeless collection is a perfect choice for your bathroom design. Compiled of eight textures that stand the test of time, its simplicity and elegance add a wonderful touch to your interior. Blending purity with modernity, timeless tiles rediscovers precise aesthetic and cultural references of a prestigious past. Their aesthetic potentials are developed through colours, finishes and sizes that allow each furnishing project to be customised with original and appealing solutions.

Marble bathrooms really are a pinnacle of luxury and beauty, and there are several ways you can incorporate the marble effect:

  • Walls and floors – you can use marble effect tiles for decorating either your walls or floors, opting for a design that best suits you.
  • Bathtubs and sinks – options are endless with this type of design. Why not opt for marble bathtubs or sinks to create a unique look, transforming your ordinary bathroom into a luxury room?
  • Accessories – transform your bathroom accessories, such as your soap holders, with marble effects, creating a beautiful look within the room.

Our Range of Marble Effect Tiles

At Roccia, we offer a range of marble effect tiles, with an option to match everyone’s taste. We have already discussed our Luni and timeless collections, take a look at the other marble effect tiles we stock:

  • Kashmir – our Kashmir collection is inspired from the natural quarries of the world. This beautifully made porcelain stoneware is characterised by sinuous veins, inspired by classic marbles with subtle variations of veining and tonalities.
  • Alabastri – Alabaster was the stone of choice in the tombs of the Pharaohs, making it synonymous with refinement beauty and high culture.
  • Sensi – Sensi means rediscovering the seductive beauty of timeless materials and using them in diverse architectural contexts. The collection comes in two surfaces, Lux+ and Sable, setting it apart from traditional marble effect. This allows Sensi tiles the freedom of experimentation.

Marble effect tiles are a fantastic choice for your interior design. To see our marble effect products in the flesh and really visualise how to make them work in your home, visit our Preston or Bolton showroom.

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