How to Use Patterned Tiles in 2018

Trends come and go, and this is certainly occurring in 2018. As we say goodbye to copper designs, we say hello to the continuation of patterned tile designs. There are so many different ways to incorporate these varied patterns within your interior design, whether this be for your bathroom, kitchen, or another room entirely.

Patterned tiles can transform any room, creating a luxurious and elegant view.

So how can you use these tiles for your design in 2018?

Brighten Your Bathroom

2018 is the year to be bold and daring with your designs, and the bathroom is an ideal room to channel this look. Are you ready to redecorate with bolder tiles? If yes, we have the perfect bathroom tiles for you.

One of the great things about patterned tiles is the diversity they offer; every design can be completely different. It’s down to your personal taste of which design you choose. If you’re a fan of Italian marble, palene porcelain tiles are an ideal choice. These wall tiles bring a modern feel to your bathroom with their striking black and white design.

Ceramic tiles are also a fantastic choice, Mainzu Milano tiles are great for interior designs, embodying the classic and modern style to a room.

Transform Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a room guests will often see as for many it is the room for socialising. For this reason, you want it to be as striking as possible, whilst also conveying your personality.

If you want to wow people as they enter the kitchen, patterned tiles are a great way to achieve this. At Roccia, we have a huge range of kitchen patterned tiles for your walls and floor.

If you’re a fan of black and white designs, richmond tiles are the ideal choice for you. This small wall tile is solid in colour and has a matte finish, making it a great tile for your kitchen.

For a different pattern design, epoque tiles could be the one for you; its simple, decorative design can be highly mesmerising, even in small spaces.

Be Bold or Subtle

Patterned tiles are capable of creating both subtle and bold interior designs, and whichever you decide, you will find a tile to match your taste. If you are looking for a subtle patterned tile, our fossil tiles will do exactly that. Created from ancient crystallized fossil, they bring a wonderful aesthetic impact.

If you want to opt for a bolder design, our wow tiles (pictured below) are the one for you. The inspiration for this tile came from building materials extracted from deconstructions, aiming to offer a new perspective of exhausted materials. Coming in autumn, summer, and winter hues, they will certainly catch your attention.

Patterned tiles are a fantastic choice for your interior design. To find out more about our products, visit our showrooms and get inspired today. Alternatively, you can contact us on 01772 382716, and we will be happy to help.

If you want to know more about interior trends for 2018, download our ebrochure today.

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