Ways to Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Bathroom

In order to create a bathroom that could easily fit into a boutique 5* hotel or in Better Homes and Gardens magazine, you have to carefully consider the design and create something elegant and striking. A lot of the bathroom will be in neutral tones, as bathroom furniture is normally white, but you could add some splashes of colour when you come to add the accessories.

To make a luxurious bathroom, take inspiration from the hotels and show homes you’re trying to replicate: superior hotel suites make use of marble, silver coated taps and baths or showers in unusual designs to catch the eye. Below we share a few tips on how to give your bathroom the ‘wow factor’.

Choose Marble Surfaces

Marble is an excellent choice for surface coverings in bathrooms, as not only it is timeless in design but it isluxury bathroom  also durable and compatible with the bathroom environment. Marble has been used in bathrooms for centuries, dating back to Ancient Rome, because it is waterproof and resistant to damage. Marble is a luxurious choice for a traditionally styled bathroom because of its heritage and links to prestigious places: Michael Angelo’s David, the Roman Parthenon and The Taj Mahal all use marble. At Tile Mart, we offer a beautiful selection of marble floor tiles that will add elegance to your bathroom.


Make Your Bath a Masterpiece

As it is called the bathroom, you should make the bath the focal point of your room. Choose a bath that stands out; such as a free standing bath. These come in acrylic, ceramic or steel versions, and some have brass feet which are great if you’re going for a period style. You can even get steel or ceramic tubs that are painted to add a pop of colour to traditionally neutral bathroom units. Frame your bath with a wall covering that contrasts to the main material, so for example, if you have used wallpaper then why not decorate the area around your bath with some bathroom wall tiles?


Add Glamorous Accessories

A well designed bathroom should have glamorous accessories to complement the sleek style. Think ornate metallic mirrors, Grecian vases and opulent chandeliers. When it comes to choosing the finishing touches, makes sure you choose items that fit with the style: if you’ve chosen a Roman style bathroom incorporating marble and rustic metal finishings, then don’t go for an art deco style mirror or modern light fittings.


Creating a luxurious bathroom may mean spending a little extra money, but you pay for the quality. Floorings such as marble and fittings made of stainless steel are built to last decades. An additional bonus of choosing premium materials and fittings is that it could increase your property value. 

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