5 Reasons why Monochrome is Marvellous

Monochrome has become hugely popular in the world of interior design and it isn’t really hard to see why; it is utterly timeless. Redecorating your bathroom or kitchen isn’t something you do very often, so you always want to choose trends, styles and colours that will last many years (something we have all learnt from the awful avocado green that was popular in the 70s). If you still aren’t convinced, here are 5 reasons why monochrome is marvellous!


1.       It’s Versatile

What is fantastic about the monochrome style is that it is exceptionally versatile. Black and white can be used for a vintage Victorian inspired room or as a minimalistic paradise that is wonderfully modernist. Any colour that you wish to add, whether it is a blind or a homeware item, will contrast with monochrome excellently.

2.       Spacious Aesthetic

White tiles create the illusion of space, and this is only enhanced when contrasted with black tiles. They are perfect for use in small rooms and make a bold, striking statement when used in a larger room.

3.       Calming & Practical

Monochrome creates a calming, relaxing ambience that is also incredibly practical; making it the perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Most bathroom suites are white anyway, so you’re already halfway there; it is an easy style to create.

4.       Fresh & Clean

Unlike some other colours that can seem dirty and unattractive, black and white promote a cleaner, fresher atmosphere that is perfect for a busy household.

5.       It’s more than a Trend

Monochrome isn’t a trend; it is a style that will endure the tests of time whilst retaining its contemporary aesthetic. So if you’re looking for new bathroom tiles that last, make sure that you choose monochrome; you can always add a splash of colour with your accessories!


Top Tile Tip: If you’re interested in using this tile style in your home or on a commercial property, we suggest that you take a look at our black ceramic wall tiles and our white floor tiles for a taste of what tiles are available to create this exceptional style!


Here at Roccia, we have many tiles that would be absolutely magnificent for this popular bathroom look. For more information in regards to any of our lines, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us as our professional team is always happy to help.

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