What Colour Tiles Go With a White Kitchen?

Designing a kitchen comes with a whole host of decisions; are you going to utilise a single trend and completely redesign with a particular style in mind? Or are you going to simply decide on the items and products you like and set them together? Whatever direction you choose to go, some things remain guaranteed; white kitchens are clean, timeless and stunning, especially when paired with complementing fixtures and components.

White kitchens have been brought to the forefront of home design over the past twenty years as they are a great way to create a classic look in one of the most frequented rooms in the home. There are many reasons white kitchens have remained one of the top sellers, with buyers looking to benefit from the timeless aesthetic they provide to a kitchen. In addition, the room is often used to host company, meaning that if you’re looking to impress your guests, style should be a high priority when considering a refit.

Take a look at some of our choices of fantastic kitchen tiles and natural stone effect tiles for white kitchens that not only complement a room but emphasise its brilliance. Get inspired by our kitchen brands in the UK.


Sleek and Minimalist Tiles

When designing a white kitchen, you must consider several requirements. Style, functionality, and storage are just a few examples of these.

However, an essential requirement that is often overlooked is hygiene. White kitchen designs create a cleaner looking illusion as white is a bright and crisp colour. Settling on a minimalist design can help with this as, in line with the trend, few components are required to complete the look.

There is also an emphasis on natural colours, producing a homely, neutral kitchen area. Think browns, grey hues, and soft metals for tiles for white kitchen cabinets, floors and other areas.

Perfect for homeowners looking to instil a modern aesthetic within their home, white sleek and minimalist tiles are a fantastic choice for almost any kitchen.

Get The Look: The white Lascaux tile collection look fantastic when paired with your white kitchen units, creating a sleek and sophisticated look. Introduce a pop of colour through the fixtures to add another dynamic into the mix. We also stock Micron 2.0 tiles which offer a neutral coloured flooring option to complement a white kitchen.


Black and white patterned tiles in a kitchen


Opposites Attract

A showstopping style for a white kitchen space is going bold by juxtaposing more complex colours, such as grey and black, with the sheer brilliance of your white kitchen.

This particular design works well with several different components, so by creating a blank canvas, you can personalise your tiles for a white kitchen to your distinct preferences.

Elevate this design by opting for bright and exclusive areas of sharp colour or bring the room’s tone back down to neutral with wooden materials.

Get The Look: Contrasting your tiles for white kitchen cabinets against a darker toned floor perfectly creates a compelling aesthetic. Utilise the black Concrete Project range across the floor and the walls for a stunning, clean, monochrome finish. Pietra Lavica tiles and feature wall tiles can also work well to create a contrast between flooring and fittings.


Wicked Wood

One of the most sought-after looks for a white kitchen is the rustic country style, which reflects a more natural and comforting way of life. When looking for tiles for white kitchen cabinets and floors, wood effect tiles are the perfect complement to almost any kitchen but are particularly suited to complementing white kitchen units.

White countertops can be balanced out with modern fixtures and components or even emphasised with metal light fixings.

In addition, adding mixed materials can really pay off here, too. Think exposed structures, shiny metal fridges and soft rugs against your white kitchen.

Get The Look:
 Create the rustic home look, as seen in the below picture, with the Cross Wood Tile range. Whether you are opting for a more sophisticated look or a relaxed one, these wood effect tiles are low-maintenance with maximum style.


Perfect Patterns

Perhaps the most contemporary on this list, pattern tiles for white kitchen cabinets, walls and floors are a great way to give your kitchen a fresh facelift and inject the modern world into your home.

Whatever pattern you decide to use, the fun lies in the decision; do you go for a traditional black and white design, such as the image below, or do you mix it up and find some colourful designs?

Patterns can be an excellent way of adding another layer of depth into your kitchen, and when styled correctly, with complementing features such as vases and glass cooking boards, they can take the room up to new levels of style.

Get The Look: Opt for a more contemporary style with the Element range of tiles for a white kitchen, and inject some design and colour into the room. Creating a point of discussion whilst exhibiting your stellar sense of style, using patterned coloured tiles for white kitchens can prove ultra-modern.


White large format floor tiles in a dining area


Subway Styles

Thanks to their sleek aesthetic and toughness, combining style, and impressive robustness, subway tiles are a fantastic option for tiles in a white kitchen. Capable of standing the test of time in any home, subway tiles have gained popularity in recent years thanks to the range of colours, styles, and shapes available.

Whilst there are more vibrant tiles from this collection available on the market today, there is an understated beauty that white subway tiles can bring to your kitchen. Their distinctive design is ideal for any kitchen interior and is based on the early 20th century tiles used in train stations worldwide.

If you are looking for a pop of coloured tiles to add to your white kitchen, then we would suggest scattering several different coloured tiles throughout, all of which will come together to create a stunning centrepiece for your home.

Easy to maintain, subway tiles are effortless to clean and require little maintenance throughout their lifespan. You’ll never have to worry about staining your dazzlingly white subway tiles, as cleaning them could not be easier. Subway tiles are beneficial for busy family homes, where the kitchen often acts as the hub for the home.

Get The Look: Boasting genuine longevity and unrivalled robustness, Subway tiles are perfect for the busiest of kitchen environments. However, if you would like to invest in subway wall tiles, we would suggest taking a closer look at the Biselda tiles collection, which offers a clean and modern aesthetic for your home.


Marvellous Marble

If you are looking for something a little different for your tiles in a white kitchen, we suggest looking at marble effect tiles. Not traditionally used in kitchens, marble effect tiles make a bold statement in any room, boasting incredibly elegant aesthetics.

Possessing all of the aesthetics brought about by genuine marble tiles, these tiles are perfect for homeowners who are in the market for incredibly luxurious tiles at a fraction of the price of genuine marble tiles.

When looking at what colour floor and wall tiles are for a white kitchen, why not pair marble effect wall tiles with marble effect floor tiles together in your kitchen for a seamlessly classic look? The combination of two beautifully crafted tiles comes together to give your white kitchen a stunningly bold look.

The cool whites are complemented by the striking black marbling scattered throughout the tile, giving your kitchen a grand and almost regal feel.

Get The Look: Whilst it may seem a little unusual to be considering marble effect tiles for your kitchen, it’s well worth taking a closer look at the options available in today’s market. We would suggest considering Kashmir tiles for your next kitchen project. Inspired by classic marbles with subtle variations of veining and tonalities, Kasmir by Pamesa Ceramica is capable of providing your home with a stunning aesthetic.


Bright purple tiles in a modern white kitchen


Choosing Coloured Tiles for Your White Kitchen

When choosing coloured tiles for a white kitchen, there are multiple options that the individual can go with. Modern, futuristic, rustic, oriental, chic, textured – there are countless options that can be used to reflect the personality and life in the home.

At Roccia, we have a range of kitchen tiles to complement a white kitchen, from kitchen floor tiles to kitchen wall tiles. You can discover our extensive collections online or come on down to our kitchen showroom in Preston. Alternatively, you can contact us by filling out one of our online enquiry forms or giving us a call on 01772258998.

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