Why Tiles Are the Perfect Backdrop to Your Media Wall

In this ever-evolving digital world, new and innovative ways to digitise our homes are being introduced to us all the time. Along with this, factors such as the pandemic have meant we value quality time spent at home more, and many of us have found a common interest in making our spaces the perfect places to wind down and chill or invite guests over to entertain.

One of the ideas that derived from these thought processes was the media wall. This wall feature acts as a central hub for all things digital entertainment. However, choosing your streaming services and games consoles is the easy part; many have struggled to decide on their décor.

So, to help you out, we’re looking into why wall tiles are the perfect backdrop to your media wall. They provide an abundance of benefits and look incredible in any home. Here at Roccia, we have an extensive range of tiles suitable for all applications, including media walls, which means you’re sure to find the best tiles for your space with us.


What is a Media Wall?

A media wall is a feature in your home that houses all things entertainment. The focal point of a media wall is often the television, taking pride of place in the centre. After this, the rest is left to your imagination and the needs and wants of those in the home. Many include a space for a speaker system, games consoles, shelving, and often a fireplace in the bottom centre.

Similar to a home cinema, this is the place where family and friends will gather around to watch live sports events, battle during games nights, and cosy around the fire to binge-watch their favourite shows. It’s important that you don’t necessarily follow the trends if you’re building a media wall for your home; instead, build it around your family and how you will be utilising this feature.


Beautiful marble open plan kitchen with tiled media wall


Many new build homes are incorporating media walls into their design plans as they are becoming such a popular choice for those renovating.

If you’re building a media wall in your existing home, you will use a stud wall. This allows for a streamlined design as if it was already built into your home, hiding wires, plugs and other electrical clutter behind the wall and providing that sleek, clean lines look.


How Can I Incorporate a Media Wall into My Home?

There are three main reasons someone would choose to incorporate a media wall into their home:

  • To hide electrical clutter.
  • To create a modern feature wall.
  • To blend their devices into their home’s traditional aesthetic.

One of the best features of a media wall is that they are completely versatile and easy to make your own with the right décor. They can sit flush with the rest of your walls or stand out with feature wall tiles if you would like them to.

Incorporating this modern element is simple; you just have to ensure that the décor you choose, such as the surrounding wall tiles, provides what you’re looking for. Whether that be blending in subtly or creating a WOW effect.

In addition, you must also consider where you would like to implement a media wall in your home. First, it is dependent on how you will be utilising it: do you plan to have guests over frequently or is it more for cosy romantic nights in? Many choose to place their media walls in open plan kitchen dining spaces or large living areas, where they can act as a central entertainment hub for big groups. However, others opt for a more intimate and subtle media wall in bedrooms.


Tiled media wall in a modern dining space


Blending Your Media Wall into Your Space

If you choose to blend your media wall into your existing space, you must design with the idea that it is just a place for your television and other devices, not a focal point. There are several ways you can achieve this:

  • Add shelving. Building shelves surrounding your TV is a great way to help make your media wall feel more homely. You can add personal touches to your shelving, such as photographs, books, and decorative items that tie into your room.
  • Less is more. Large format wall tiles are a fantastic way to help your media wall blend in. Fewer tile edges and grout mean you get sleek, clean lines that are barely noticeable even on close inspection.
  • Colour balance. If you want that ‘barely-there’ feel to your media wall, choose a surrounding colour that is either the same as your other walls or ties in effortlessly. We have an extensive range of wall tiles in a wide variety of colours and designs at our tile showroom in Preston, so you’re guaranteed to find something that suits your aesthetic here.
  • Choose a TV that blends in. Samsung offer The Frame, which is a TV that can display realistic artwork and act as a framed painting on your wall.


Making Your Media Wall a Feature in Your Home

Sometimes, more is more and being bold is the best way to be. If this is your ethos, we have the feature wall tiles. Making your media wall a dramatic feature in your home is simple:

  • Choose a tile design that juxtaposes your other walls. This is the first step in creating that stand-out media wall. If your walls are plain and neutral, choose a patterned design such as marble effect wall tiles to make the space pop.
  • Add ambient lighting. Draw attention to the area by adding effective lighting such as an LED shelf or border lighting. Additionally, some TVs, such as the Philips Ambilight, provide dynamic border lighting to elevate your viewing experience.


Beautiful modern LED lined tiled media wall


  • Centre your media wall. Ensure you place your media wall in the centre of your room. This is particularly effective in an open plan living-dining space as it helps partition the area and acts as a focal point.


Why are Tiles the Best Choice for a Media Wall?

As leading tile suppliers, we believe that every home has a place for wall tiles due to their long list of benefits.

  • Long-lasting. Unlike wallpaper, tiles will not fade, so you won’t have to think about redecorating for years to come.
  • Low maintenance. Tiles are incredibly easy to clean, so don’t worry about sticky finger marks, drink spills, or other mess. Instead, you can simply wipe them clean, and they look as good as new.
  • Environmentally friendly. As there is no need to switch up your décor as regularly, tiles are a fantastic environmental choice, so they are perfect for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint in the long run.

If tiles sound like the best choice for your media wall, the award-winning design team at Roccia can help. Enquire online today for your FREE consultation and discover how we can help you create the media wall you’ve been dreaming of.

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