Which Tile Size is Right for Your Space?

Picking out tiles is a much more complex task than many think. There is a long list of factors to consider that go far beyond material and colour pallet – one of which is size. When choosing the size of your tiles, you must think about the measurements of the room you’re tiling and how you would like your room to look when it is completed. For example, you may want to create the illusion of a larger space by using large format floor tiles, or you may want to use small feature wall tiles to add an interesting quality to a room.

So, we’re helping you decide which tile size is right for your space. We’re looking into the various tile sizes available here at Roccia online and in our tile showroom in Preston and our showroom in Bolton. In addition, we’ll be exploring how you can achieve a variety of different looks simply by changing the size of your tiles in order to help you with your design choices.


Which Sizes Are Available at Roccia?

As the largest tile showroom in the UK, housing 44,000 square feet of what is considered to be Europe’s most comprehensive showroom space, we’re confident we have the size of tile you’re searching for.

Our range is vast, and we pride ourselves on our continuation to expand and improve on our already extensive collection. So whether you’re looking for small mosaic tiles to help create a decorative splashback in your bathroom or extra large format floor tiles to run through an open-plan space to expand the area – we have what you need.

When viewing tiles on our website, you can search by size, which makes finding the right match for you simple. Additionally, if you visit us at either of our showrooms, our tile experts will be more than happy to show you your options and help you find the right size for your space.

Large format tile in Roccia tile showroom

Which Area Are You Tiling? 

The first step in deciding which tile size you should choose is looking at the area you are tiling. Is it the floor of a bathroom? The floor of a kitchen? Wet room walls? Or something else? Your choice of tiles will depend on the type of room you’re dealing with and how you plan the outcome. 

First of all, measure the area you plan to tile. This will give you an accurate number you need to fill and should be the first step in deciding your tile size. Once you have this, you can explore what you would like to do with your space. For example, are the tiles there for functionality, décor, or to create an illusion of more space? 

When you have the size of your space and your goals in mind, you can begin to look at other tile features, such as their material and colour. 


How to Choose the Tile Size Based on the Colour 

If you have a colour scheme in mind, choosing the size of your tiles is much easier. For example, you could plan to have your bathroom tiled in one colour and your shower separated and tiled in a different colour. Then, to make the shower area of your space stand out even more, selecting different sizes for these sections will do just that.  

In addition, your grout colour will change the way that the size of your tiles looks. For example, to create a flush look on your flooring, use the same colour grout as your large format tiles. This will help make the floor look as if it is one piece of tile, providing clean lines and the expansive space style that is so sought after. 


Marble tiles used to separate areas in a bathroom


Half and Half  

Splitting your room in half with different tile sizes is a fantastic way to separate the two sides of your room. This will make a perfect design choice if you have an open-plan space with multiple uses. For a unique example, choose the same bathroom wall tiles design, but in two sizes, one large format and one much smaller with the split down the middle of the his and hers sinks. This makes a subtle difference but is a clever idea to help you divide the room into half. 


Creating Borders  

Another clever design trick to help you utilise multiple sizes of tiles is to create borders around your room. Whether as the centre focal point or around each of the walls, select the same tile design in a smaller size for your border, making a subtle and creative impact to your space. 


Small and large tiles used to create a feature wall in a bathroom


Using Different Tile Sizes to Create Sections 

As mentioned, choosing a different sized tile in your shower compared to the rest of your bathroom will make a huge impact and help you section off that area. In addition, if you have an open-plan kitchen with a dining area, choosing two different sized floor tiles for each section of the room works just the same.  

To view our complete tile collection, come and visit us at our tile showroom in Bolton or Preston. 

Additionally, enquire online for a FREE consultation with our design team, who will help you decide on the right sized tiles for your space. 

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