4 Reasons You Should Renovate Your Bathroom

If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom, but haven’t yet been fully convinced, then this is the blog for you. Renovating a bathroom can bring a whole new atmosphere into your home, and can often be very beneficial. Renovations can be as simple as new cupboards and counters, or as complex as a whole new redesign. Whatever kind of renovation you are thinking about, here are four reasons why you should renovate your bathroom.


1. What it Does For You

Above all, your home is the place where you should be happy to spend time. If you are even considering renovating a room, then it is likely that you are unhappy with it. You will use your bathroom several times a day, so it should be a room that you are happy with. The most important reason for renovating your bathroom should be so you enjoy it. Forget about what it will do when you are selling your house, and think about yourself for once!

2. Increased Home Value

A new bathroom in a house could increase its value by a surprising amount. A bathroom renovation has the potential to raise the value of the house by more than the cost of the renovation, so a good renovation can certainly be worth the money. However, if a renovation is not done correctly, then there is a risk that it will go completely unnoticed, wasting your time and effort. This is why it’s a good idea to plan your renovation with professionals in order to maximise the return on investment you’ll get.

3. Increased Home Attractiveness

Aside from the value that a bathroom renovation will add to your home, it also increases its attractiveness. An old, outdated bathroom that needs work says to prospective buyers “this house needs work”, but a newly renovated bathroom says “this house is ready for you to live in”.

Even if you aren’t hoping to sell your home, a bathroom renovation will increase the attractiveness of your house to any guests you have staying over.

4. Fixing Existing Problems

If you have any problems in your bathroom, for example, broken tiles, a leaking shower or cupboards that are falling apart, it may be just as easy and cost-effective to renovate your bathroom as it is to make any necessary repairs. If you do have anything that’s in need of work, don’t put off making the repairs, as they could quickly become worse.


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