4 Tile Choices for a Truly Unique Bathroom

Your options really are limitless when it comes to contemporary tiles; you aren’t limited to one colour. Many people choose white when it comes to decorating their bathroom, and although this is a great choice for creating a fresh atmosphere, it isn’t the most exciting choice. You can breathe a little life into your bathroom’s interior design by simply adding a unique tile feature, and here at Roccia we have the best bathroom wall tiles for the job. To help you to make your decision to create the bathroom of your dreams, here are 4 fabulous features from our extensive collection.



For a floral feature with a difference, there is the Cloe-2 Negro Decor. this stunning tile features an image of a rose and will create a soft, delicate and elegant ambience within your bathroom. This tile works best when contrasted against plain tiles that are coloured white, black or cream.




The glass wall tiles offer you something completely unique; with subtle shades and damask effects that are successfully contrasted with shiny overlays, this tile is simply breathtaking. Featuring floral qualities, it is delicate, yet striking, and it can transform your bathroom into a warm destination that is perfect for relaxing. Complement this tile with rose coloured tiles, or contrast with plain white tiles to emphasise each tile’s unique design.



If you desire a bathroom with a dramatic, contemporary edge then the Versace tiles are the perfect tile for the job. This black and white design is nothing less than striking and looks simply exquisite when reflecting light. The delicate white waves cut through this black tile, creating a bathroom that is truly mesmerising.



Featuring an array of earthy tones, when used together with tiles of a more neutral tone it will create a wonderfully charming aesthetic within your bathroom.

If you’re planning to redecorate your bathroom this year, then don’t think that white is your only option, as there are so many unique tiles within our collection that will create a truly tremendous bathroom which will be the envy of all your guests. If you would like any more information with regards to any of our tiles, then please do get in contact with our experienced team who are happy to answer any queries that you may have.

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