Advantages of Ceramic Floor Tiles

If you’re looking for attractive, durable and easy to maintain tiles for your floor, ceramic floor tiles are an excellent choice, and with a wide range available, there’s something to suit any style.

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Ceramic tiles are amongst the most durable options, as the high-temperature kiln firing process creates a sturdy material which is fire-proof and offers good resistance to water, chemicals and frost. The tiles are difficult to crack, and when installed properly can be expected to last for many years. Although there are more durable options, such as porcelain floor tiles, these do tend to be more expensive, so ceramic offers excellent value for money as well as quality.

Because of its resistant qualities, ceramic is very easy to clean. Spills and debris don’t sink into the surface, so it’s easy to simply mop or sweep them away. In terms of general maintenance, all you need to do is sweep or vacuum regularly, and mop as needed.

When tiles are used as a flooring material, slip resistance is an important consideration. Ceramic tiles can be treated in a variety of ways to ensure good slip resistance for use on floors; most frequently through the use of textured finishes, which aid grip as well as adding to the attractive appearance of the tile.

Appearance is, of course, also very important when choosing tiles, as you need a floor that will match and complement the rest of your décor. Again, ceramic has a number of advantages here when compared to other flooring materials. Because of the way ceramic tiles are coloured and fired, they will not fade or change colour even when exposed to bright sunlight, meaning that with proper maintenance they will always look as good as the day they were laid.

tilemart frondanogal

There are a wide range of styles and colours available, making it easy to find something to suit your decorative style. Ceramic can be created in any colour, and is easy to print in natural looking patterns – for example, the Fronda Nogal (above) which beautifully replicates the appearance of natural wood.

If you’re looking for wall or floor tiles, you can see our range at our Preston and Bolton showrooms, or browse the range and make your order online.

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