Bathroom Floor Material Guide

When it comes to choosing the flooring for your bathroom you need to make an informed decision: a floor covering should be built to last a lifetime, however in a bathroom it is imperative that the covering is highly durable as the bathroom is a practical environment. When choosing a bathroom flooring the best options are those that are waterproof, heat proof and resistant to breaking or denting as the bathroom is exposed to varying environments. Tile Mart has a huge range of bathroom floor tiles to suit every budget and room design. From synthetic tiles in many attractive tones, to natural stone that gives beautiful texture, we have the floor covering to suit any style.



Ceramic , from, the ancient Greek word  “keramikos”, meaning burnt stuff, is a manmade, non metallic FITCH GOLDmaterial that is formed by mixing clay and water and then firing this at a really high temperature in a kiln. During the firing process, the atoms of metal and oxygen usually form a crystal, where the positions of the atoms are very regular: this gives a very tough structure to ceramic so it is resistant to scratches or dents. Ceramic tiles are highly beneficial because unlike natural stone, they can be coloured to create any aesthetic pattern. They can also be easily cut to produce any shape. Roccia’s Fitch Gold ceramic floor covering has all the benefits of a man made material but with the aesthetic of beautiful, natural stone.



granite galaxyGranite is a natural, igneous rock with a crystalline structure. It is made up of 60% feldspar, 20% quartz with small amounts of mica and other minerals. It can be anywhere from pink to black in colour depending on the chemical composition. Granite is well known because it is the most common igneous rock found on Earth and due to its practical properties it is often quarried to create domestic surface coverings. Granite is hard enough to resist most abrasion; strong enough to bear weight; impervious enough to resist water and it can be easily polished. If you want a floor that will look as good as new decades down the line try Granite Star Galaxy which is a mesmerising midnight black with metallic crystals.



Travertine is a terrestrial sedimentary rock, formed by the fast depositing of calcium carbonate which is kremma travertinefound in hot springs. Although it is made up of a similar chemical composition, travertine is different from limestone because it builds up from sediment rather than metamorphosing. Travertine is normally white, cream or beige and has characteristic holes and clouding patterns which are caused by algae or trace sediments. Tile Mart’s travertine flooring such as the beautiful Classic Kremma travertine tiles are filled and honed so that the natural porous surface is transformed into a smooth, water resistant surface. Travertine is perfect for bathrooms with a classical look. Travertine was used to make the Colonnade of St. Peter’s Square in Rome, so if it’s good enough for the Romans, it’s good enough for you!



Moca Brown QuartzQuartz is the second most commonly occurring natural mineral in the Earth’s surface. The crystals in quartz are made up of size sided prisms of silicon and oxygen which results in an extremely tough structure. Quartz acquires different colours and properties depending on how it was formed: in the cases of amethyst, citrine, and rose quartz they get their colour from impurities in the rock. Quartz has all the positive properties of natural rock: it is durable, resistant to water and harsh chemicals and is easy to maintain. Additionally, when quartz is being formed into tiles, it can be mixed with resin to create beautiful colours. The Tile Mart range of quartz tiles come in various shades so you can create whatever look you wish. For a toned-down look use a neutral tone such as Crystal Quartz in Brown or if you’re designing a more contemporary room you could pick a daring shade of flooring with the Rose tile.


Whatever look you wish to achieve with your bathroom, Tile Mart’s extensive range of floor tiles will have the perfect solution. All our tiles are made from the highest quality materials so they will endure high traffic and every day wear and tear. 

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