The Best Colours for your Bathroom

If there is one room in the home that should be ultimately luxurious it is the bathroom. It is the place where you can be sure to get a bit of privacy; you can indulge in a glorious bubble bath and wash away the stresses of everyday life. As we mentioned in our previous post; The Best Colours for your Kitchen , the colours that you use in your home can make all the difference to the atmosphere and general ambience. So if you’re looking to get the beautiful bathroom that you deserve, read on and find which colours work best in the bathroom.

Natural Hues


To create the ultimate relaxing atmosphere, choose natural tiles that are overflowing with texture. We would recommend using the stunning i Marmi tiles with a white bathroom suite; their deep earthy hues and natural textures contrast exquisitely with the pure white whilst adding just a touch of class to your interior design.

Glamorous Red


For a show-stopping, bathroom that is the epitome of contemporary choose glamorous, bright reds. Use with a white, black or chrome bathroom suite to really make a statement. To get this look choose from our quartz wall tiles; they feature metallic flecks that add the much needed element of excitement to your bathroom.

Aqua Blue


Blue, of course, is ideal for bathrooms as it is the colour of the sea! It is refreshing, pure and marvellously modern. For a range of gorgeous aqua tones and vivacious patterns take a look at our Agatha tiles. White and blue works perfectly together; it isn’t overly masculine or feminine making it perfect for the family home!

Black ‘n’ White


We’ve said it before and will say is again, monochrome is marvellous. White and black are opposites that attract incredibly well! This look is extremely contemporary and can work for all styles of bathroom regardless of whether you desire a modern aesthetic or vintage chic. Take a look through our range of porcelain tiles to find a range of high quality monochrome tiles that will look ultimately sublime in your bathroom.

The beauty of bathroom design is that you don’t have to use one colour; you can use the zoning technique as mentioned in a previous post; design tips for smaller bathrooms. The world is your oyster! Choose colours that work, the colours that you love and give yourself the bathroom that you have always dreamed about – you deserve it!

If you desire more bathroom inspiration take a look around the Roccia website, we have a huge range of tiles available for purchase, so whatever you’re looking for you can find it here! For more information please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our helpful team.



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