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When it comes to remodelling your kitchen, there’s an endless list of aesthetics and styles to choose from. If you’re struggling to decide which is best for you, try and ensure your kitchen look ties in with the rest of your home,  while reflecting your unique style.

Staying on top of trends whilst incorporating your unique personal touch is a great way to create a stylish space that you love. For example, one of the rising kitchen design trends this year is country house. Imagine a big beautiful barn conversion or cosy little farmhouse – a country house kitchen wouldn’t look out of place in either.

However, a country house kitchen is one of those versatile and timeless designs that brings life to any property it’s styled into. So, if this is an aesthetic that’s had your attention when choosing your new kitchen’s look, we’re here to help.


White and wooden country house kitchen


What is a Country House Kitchen?

A country house kitchen, otherwise known as a farmhouse kitchen, is a design style far from minimalism. Instead, they represent the true heart of the home, full of life, close to nature, and the perfect backdrop for wholesome baking and family dinners.

Typically in a country house kitchen, you’ll find wood, whether that be wood effect floor tiles, wood countertops, wooden cabinets and handles, or all of the above! You’ll also find that the colour schemes are often neutral, with creams, beiges, and washed out pastels at the forefront of the designs. However, for a modern take on the style, you could take the classic country house look and bring in some bold colours – the oxymoron of the colours and style could be what your kitchen needs to have that WOW effect.


White and neutral coloured country house kitchen


Traditional, Modern, or a Blend of the Two

If you think a country house kitchen must be traditional-looking, you’d be wrong. They can actually be incredibly modern when appropriately styled, incorporating the best of both worlds in innovative kitchen technology and classic design.

If the traditional look is more your thing, consider shabby chic kitchen furniture such as bar stools, dining table, and chairs, paired with farmhouse décor. For example, these could be tasteful wicker fruit baskets or rustic candle holders. Additionally, to really get the feeling that you’ve stepped back in time, hide away your appliances with clever storage solutions.

On the contrary, modernising a classic country house style kitchen is a fantastic twist on the trend and gives it a new lease of life. If you’re unsure how to do this, visit us in our kitchen showroom in Preston and speak to our expert design team.


Beautiful country house kitchen with wood detailing and blue cabinets


Country House Kitchen Colour Schemes

A country house kitchen is all about creating a cosy space for families to gather, and the colour scheme plays a significant role in this. Some of the most popular farmhouse kitchens are neutral in colour, but this doesn’t mean your space has to be dull. While some of us scoff at a muted colour scheme, they can be incredibly effective if done correctly and offer that clean, luxurious feel that so many desire.

On the other hand, recently, we have seen a rise in earthy tones in farmhouse kitchens, including sage green. This ties in the natural element of this kitchen style and, when paired with homegrown herbs and kitchen plants, can look beautiful.

One of our most popular luxury kitchen brands, Jacob and Sons, offers two styles of country house kitchens, Traditional English and Contemporary English. Both provide timeless wooden designs with handcrafted bespoke fittings to give you everything you need from your kitchen. In their designs they use a deep navy blue, a modern twist on the timeless design.


Jacob and Sons kitchen display in Roccia's Preston showroom


Which Wall Tiles Should I Choose for My Country House Kitchen?

When choosing kitchen wall tiles, it’s essential to think about where you want the visual focus to be in your space. If you opt for a bold, out-of-the-box colour for your cabinets, choosing a neutral plain tile for your walls may be best. However, if you’re sticking with traditional, perhaps a subway tile would work well for your room? This tile design is subtle yet exceptionally effective and elevates your kitchen walls with class. Consider switching up your grout colour for a black or grey for a contemporary take on this design.


White subway tiles in a kitchen


Country House Kitchen Flooring

As discussed, a traditional country house kitchen floor would be wooden. We have plenty of options for those going down the classic route, with a range of wood effect tiles to suit all preferred styles and aesthetics. These realistic wood tiles are made from porcelain and ceramic and are an excellent choice for kitchens due to their durability and waterproof qualities. Not only this, but their aesthetic benefits are incredible, immediately transforming any kitchen they’re installed into. Bring nature into your home, create the natural cosiness that farmhouse kitchens are renowned for, and choose wood effect tiles for your flooring.

For expert advice on your country house kitchen, enquire online for your FREE consultation with our award-winning design team.

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