Bold IS Better: Why Luxury Tiles Don’t Have to be Boring

Here at Roccia, we pride ourselves on standing out from the crowd. We aim to be the best in everything we do, and that includes providing a wide range of luxury tiles and the best kitchen brands in the UK for all our customers, no matter their unique aesthetics.

A common misconception that springs to mind amongst many people upon hearing luxury is plain, neutral tones and a minimal style. Although this is true in some cases, luxury means much more than this. The dictionary definition of the word is “a state of great comfort or elegance”, – which suggests that it can mean whatever you want it to, depending on what you believe to be comforting or elegant.

Sometimes, luxury can be bold, bright, colourful, clashing, and everything it’s not supposed to be.

For some of these ideas, (especially for tiled shower rooms) you’ll want to know how to tile a bathroom wall with large tiles. Large bathroom tiles make this opulent look much easier to pull off, and they top the list of our wet room tile ideas.

Make A Statement With A Feature Wall

One way to WOW your guests and create drama in your space is by adding a tiled feature wall. These work well in any room of the home, from your kitchen to your entranceway and are guaranteed to make a statement.

Choosing wall tiles for your feature wall comes with an extensive list of both aesthetic and practical advantages. Tiles add an exciting element to a room, providing an additional dimension to your space. We have a wide variety of materials to choose from to help bring texture and depth to your chosen wall; just take a look at our feature walls tiles to see for yourself.


Modern kitchen with white fittings and purple subway tiles


All or Nothing

In contrast, another way to step away from the norm and create a bold look in your home is to use the same wall and floor tiles. This makes your space seamlessly daring and effortlessly sleek. Tiling an entire room is a popular design choice for bathrooms, as it creates a timeless look that always looks fresh and elegant. It also makes cleaning simple and avoids splash marks or dampness appearing on paint and wallpaper.

Matching floor and wall tiles in your bathroom is guaranteed to make an impact and help you achieve a luxurious aesthetic with ease.


Luxurious bathroom with marble floor and wall tiles


How to Select Bright Coloured Tiles

Deciding to make the move and go with bold tiles is one thing, but choosing the colour scheme is something else entirely and is sometimes what puts people off going with a daring look. Of course, you could choose one bold colour, such as a bright blue, but what colours do you pair with this to complement it or make it stand out more?

In a bathroom, white fittings and fixtures are sure to make your bathroom floor tiles and matching wall tiles stand out. Furthermore, white is a popular choice for kitchens, but if you’re wondering what colour tiles go with a white kitchen, our design team can help. They’re knowledgeable and experienced in all things tiles and kitchens, so they can point you in the right direction if you’re struggling with your decision on colour.


Mosaics and Pattern Clashing

Mosaics are a fantastic choice for those wanting to create an impactful piece of art on their floors or walls. Often textured, mosaic tiles are not only an attractive feature to have, but they help add dimension to your room, wherever you choose to place them.


Mosaic tiles in the Roccia showroom


They work brilliantly for backsplashes due to their versatility and low maintenance and can help break up your room. In addition, backsplashes are great for experimenting and can introduce some bold patterns without letting them take over your room if you’re not ready yet!

Similarly, mosaic tiles work well for pattern clashing. Creating a mix-matched look that is entirely unique is an excellent way of showing off your personal style and, when done right, can look flawless and incredibly luxurious.


Victorian Tiles in a Contemporary Home

Victorian floor tiles can completely transform a space, especially in contemporary homes. Era clashing is on the rise and is a great, bold look if you want to add character to your home. We think these look particularly great in an entranceway, as they attract all the attention with their traditional design but complement the simplicity of the rest of the décor perfectly. They mock the look of original tiles with absolute excellence and provide a charming welcome for guests as they enter your home.

Once you have selected your pattern, you can tie in your colour scheme, picking out shades and tones from the tiles to create a room that feels complete.


Impressive hallway with modern interior and Victorian floor tiles


Don’t Shy Away from Black

Sometimes, more is more, and this reigns true when it comes to black. For a dramatic, glamourous aesthetic that your guests won’t be forgetting anytime soon, choose matching black wall and floor tiles in your bathroom.

While some shy away from using black in their interior design, something intriguing about the colour adds an air of mystery and allure to any room it’s implemented into. But, of course, choosing to go all out with black is a bold decision, so make sure to plan out your fittings, fixtures, and bathroom furniture to ensure the room ties together and works.


Luxurious bathroom with matching black floor and wall tiles


We’re proud to say that when someone walks into our tile showroom in Preston or Bolton, they’re sure to find exactly what they need to transform their space into the home of their dreams. We’re confident of this because of the extensive collection of different styles we house in our tile showroom, so no matter your home’s flair – we have it.

Enquire online today for your FREE design consultation with our award-winning team.

Blue, white, and grey country house kitchen with wooden details in Roccia's Preston kitchen showroom

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