Clever Kitchen Tile Ideas

If you’re thinking of updating your kitchen, there’s a good chance that you’re already planning to use kitchen tiles on your floor or walls – but there are plenty of other things that you can use your tiles for, too!

Rejuvenate Surfaces

If your counter is looking tired or scratched, you can rejuvenate it with tiles, giving you a new heatproof surface that’s easy to clean and maintain. This means that you can also extend the same tiles up onto the splashback for a cohesive look that’s very contemporary, or match the counter of your kitchen island with the splashback on the wall, with a contrasting counter on the wall units. You can also use tiles to spruce up other surfaces – for example, the counter of the classic kitchen dresser – to give you more practical surfaces for serving and preparing food.

Serving Trays

If you have tiles left over from your countertop or splashback, you can use them to make a matching heatproof serving tray or two, perfect for protecting your dinner table and creating a cohesive design statement in your kitchen at the same time. The simplest way to do this is to use a plain wooden box tray as the base, and simply mount the tiles in the base in the same way as you would on the wall. Because the tiles are designed to be easy to clean and heatproof, you’ll have an ideal and attractive way to carry hot dishes to the table – no more clumsy oven gloves in front of your guests.

Background Accents

Tiles don’t have to be used only where you expect a mess to be made. You can create a stunning feature around a set of shelves or alcove by tiling the back wall in fresh, bright colours – creating the perfect display setting for trinkets or decorative items. By using tiles in a contrasting colour to the surrounding area, you can use this kind of feature to break up a large expanse in a big kitchen to make it look more welcoming.

Whatever you choose to use your kitchen tiles for, here at Roccia we provide a wide range of styles, colours and designs to make sure that you can always find what you’re looking for. Visit our Preston or Bolton showroom, or call our friendly orders team on 01772 550900 today.

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