Can You Tile Over A Brick Wall?

With spring on the way, many homeowners may be looking to refurbish their home, be it a room or the entire property. If you have brick walls and would prefer to have tiles instead (without removing the original brick), this article is for you!

At Roccia, we’re taking a look at whether you can tile over a brick wall and how you can achieve the aesthetics you desire. We want to help you create the design of your dreams, so don’t compromise on your ideal décor just because you don’t want to (or can’t) remove the brick.

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 Can You Tile Over a Brick Wall?

You’ll be happy to know that the answer to this question is yes. When remodelling, you’ll want to make sure that the newly-tiled wall is a perfect match for your interior design and fits in well with the new décor. Tiling over an existing brick wall, then, requires you to first prepare it before you can lay down the new wall.

So, don’t forget to thoroughly clean the brick and make sure to remove any dirt, loose mortar and possible grease or humidity, as that can affect the new wall if not taken care of. Below, we’re outlining a basic step-by-step guide on how to lay out tiles on top of the brick, although there’s nothing wrong with consulting a professional to help you – or hiring them instead!

How to Tile Over a Brick Wall

Because your tiles need to be laid out properly on top of your existing brick wall, check out our tips on how you can achieve this goal:

  1. The first step is to remove any existing trim or moulding from the wall, as you won’t want to tile over them.
  2. Next, remove any loose mortar and paint that may be on the wall, and then rough up the bricks so that the tiles will stick better.
  3. Ensure that all loose debris is removed as well.
  4. Cover both the brick and the tile with mortar before applying the tile to the wall.
  5. Press the tile in place and make sure that the joints are kept even.
  6. Allow the mortar to set before applying the grout.
  7. Add and press the grout until all joints are filled and remove the excess.
  8. The grout needs to set for, at least, one hour, before you can use a damp sponge to clean the haze of grout that settled over the tiles.

tiling over brick wall in dining room

If you wanted some inspiration for how to decorate your brick kitchen, we have a few ideas:

How to Choose the Right Tiles to Lay Over Brick

Purpose of the Tiles

You may want to consider what you want your new tiles to accomplish before making a decision. Do you want to accent a wall? Or would you like to cover it entirely? For example, mosaic tiles are fantastic to accent areas, due to their aesthetic appeal, making them the perfect choice for your kitchen as splashbacks – these tiles add a luxurious and rich look to your wall that will transform your space and elevate it to new heights.

This means that one of the considerations you should make before making a purchase is deciding the purpose of the tiles – this will help you to make the best choice and pick out tiles that perfectly match your goal. To check out some of our mosaic options, check out our stone and glass tiles!

Small or Large?

Another important consideration is the size of your tiles. If your room is small, it may look odd to lay down large tiles; similarly, if you have a large kitchen, very small tiles are likely not the best option. In addition, size is also important if the brick wall is slightly uneven. Oversized tiles can actually emphasise that fact instead of disguising it, especially when they don’t line up correctly.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic wall tiles are fantastic choices to use over brick, as they require a firm foundation underneath so that they won’t crack from movement over time. A solid brick wall can provide this! If you’re looking to redecorate your kitchen or bathroom, why not opt for ceramic tiles such as our Spark range? They look fantastic no matter where you place them and are the perfect complement to your brick walls.

Remember that tiles also help with splashback in the kitchen.

tiling over brick walls in bathroom

Need help choosing the perfect wall tiles? Visit our Preston or Bolton showroom to see our range and speak to one of our experts. We’re more than happy to help with any question you may have, so don’t hesitate to ring us on 01772 382616 (Preston) or 01204 292623 (Bolton).

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