Renovate Your Bathroom With A Wet Room

Tiles are most commonly used in various bathroom designs due to their durable and resistant materials and this is why they’re a great component in a wet room. Wet rooms and shower rooms can transform your bathroom into a luxurious space with a spa-like feel.

With a stylish and minimalist design, bathrooms can be tiled from top to bottom, giving a sleek finish with the shower incorporated into the whole room. But apart from creating a classy and contemporary look to your home (if you’re thinking about a Victorian tiled bedroom, we have a different guide for you), wet rooms also come with other advantages.tiled shower room iStock_000056139026_Small


Having a wet room installed can automatically increase the value of your home, as it becomes an impressive interior feature to prospective buyers. A wet room can add thousands onto the value of your home when fitted by a professional with essential bathroom accessories such as chrome towel heating rails and lighted mirrors. The price is higher – but worth it – when luxury tiles for bathroom use are used for the design and construction.

Easy to Clean

Having tiles fitted from ceiling to floor means that cleaning is significantly reduced. A smooth continual surface eliminates cracks and crevices that are difficult to reach with bathroom cleaners, as well as having to scrub at stained shower trays. Water resistant bathroom tiles make for easy maintenance and will stay in excellent condition. Just be aware that you may have to work harder to prepare a bathroom floor for tiling if you use hexagonal tiles for the bathroom floor.


A wet room also maximises on safety, as they usually function on the same level as the rest of the room. This walk-in feature not only makes your room more spacious, but reduces the chances of slips and trips over clunky shower trays when stepping in and out of the shower, with slip-resistant tiles available to reduce potential accidents.

Wet rooms are ideal for those who require disabled access in their bathroom, as the single level floor is perfectly accommodating for wheelchairs. For even easier entry, wet rooms don’t have to have a shower door installed as the whole room functions as the shower. This again reduces cleaning and optimises on space.

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On top of all these benefits, a tiled wet room is super stylish and provides a wow factor to your home. Roccia supply a wide range of bathroom tiles to suit your preference and any design ideas that you may already have, as well as tiles to decorate other interior spaces. However, we don’t just do tiles – we are also wooden flooring suppliers, providing different colours and textures in natural finishes to create a truly classic aesthetic.  For any enquiries about our products and services, contact us today at 01772 382616, otherwise, you can find us on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn.

How to Tile a Bathroom Floor

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