Fabulous Flooring Ideas for Unique Kitchens

So you want to give your kitchen a new tiled life, one with a bit more excitement and originality? Here at Tile Mart we supply an extremely wide range of tiled perfection to suit all home and homeowner tastes and décor styles. Whatever your tiled flooring dream, we will help you to find the perfect match and re-design your abode exactly the way you want it.

We stock a wide variety of various flooring options in an array of different shapes, sizes and materials. Here are a few tile options we feel may be absolutely perfect for your kitchen in order to give a little luxurious class to any décor style.

Rustic reformation

Live in a newly built property but crave to inject a little vintage vibe and period property personality in to your home? That time-honoured design décor can be much easier to achieve than you think. There are plenty of flooring tile options available, of a conventional style that can bring a touch of historical beauty to a new build. For that rustic and lived-in setting, focus on dark hues and natural burnt stone touches to bring an aged atmosphere. Charming coastal colours such as deep blues and forest greens can add a strong sense of fluency and togetherness throughout a kitchen collection and rural inspired palette.

Rustic Reformation

Stylish statements

Monochromes, such as checkerboard flooring in both small and large scales, can add a sense of minimalism and urban edge to both a contemporary and period property. The fifth avenue tile range comes in a variety of shades, textures and sizes to allow the buyer to get creative with whatever colour palette or flooring design they choose. Why not be adventurous and give the well respected checkerboard style a modern twist? Use these delicate texture tiles rather than the traditional matte block colour option to create an interesting floor pattern. The range displays beautiful grain lines and surface depth in every tile to create unique and unusual layouts when placed to create visual flawlessness.

Stylish Statements

Medieval modernity

Whether you want to keep in with the traditional qualities of your home and enhance these sought-after features, or add a historically gothic theme to a contemporary build, use boldly patterned floor tiles and dark wood hues to compliment your home’s architectural delights. Patterned tiles can make a big interior statement, and paired with deep natural materials can give homes a fresh take on the established gothic era and create a mythical and atmospheric surrounding.

Medieval Modernity

Here at Tile Mart, we are dedicated to supplying you with unique and both modern and traditional tiling inspirations to make your home a divine haven of design. We stock an exquisite range of kitchen floor tiles that are suitable for any home or interior design property. For more information on any of our product ranges please feel free to get in touch with our helpful team or view our website.

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